The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro- Foreword by Steve White (Drummer- The Style Council- Paul Weller)

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‘A real slice of life told in the vernacular of the streets’ Irvine Welsh- 

'It's a treat to read just like A Crafty Cigarette' - Punk Poet Legend John Cooper Clarke 


thrilled Paul Weller with his copy of The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro


Formerly Tales of Aggro – rebranded and renamed ‘The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro’   – Sept 2020 


New foreword by drummer Steve White (The Style Council - Paul Weller)

The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro evokes the memories of me growing up in South London. It captures the youth, the clothes, the music, and the camaraderie perfectly. In concurrent with all the factors that are vital to our ‘salad days’, the book focuses a great deal on the humour of youth, which gives the young unstoppable energy and lust for life in even the toughest of times.

With hints of Quadrophenia, a soupçon of Budgie, and a with a taste of Minder, this novel is a vivid and enjoyable slice of London life in the 80s, with a wealth of detail and characters, that are full of richness and broadness. Like Detective Arthur Legg, a spiteful and corrupt policeman that bullied and blackmailed his way to the top, a new fictional villain to despise and fear.

The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro is a hidden gem of a novel and I keep telling my friends, this book is perfect for a pool and a beer combination, and I say the same to you my friends, happy reading!

Steve White August 2020


Meet Oscar De Paul, Eddie the Casual, Dino, Quicksilver, Jamie Joe and Honest Ron, collectively known around the streets of West London as The Magnificent Six. This gang of working-class lovable rogues have claimed Shepherds Bush and White City as their playground and are not going to let anyone spoil the fun.

Meet Stephanie, a wannabe pop star who is determined to knock spots off the Spice Girls, with her girl group. Above all though, meet West London and hear the stories of ordinary people getting up to extraordinary adventures.


Tales of Aggro is a kind of time machine that takes one back to the days of ‘Scrubbers’, ‘Scum’ and ‘Get Carter’.  Very redolent of those atmospherics.’ Jonathan Holloway – Theatre Director and Playwright
‘Tales of Aggro highlights Sedazzari’s knack for creating and building such stimulating characters, but more so his ability in how he has them interact and bounce off each other that just seems to draw you in every time’. - Louder Than War
'Tales of Aggro has got the feel of ‘Green Street’ and a touch of ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’. This is fiction for realists.’ - Vive Le Rock 

‘Enjoyed Matteo Sedazzari’s previous book Crafty Cigarette and this continues a similar narrative. Excellent 10-10’ - Danny Rampling (DJ – Founder of the Legendary Shoom)

‘Tales of Aggro is lively and funny’ -Phil Davis (British Actor - Quadrophenia, Silk, The Firm)


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 rick buckler the jam tales of aggro

The Jam's Rick Buckler over the moon with his copy of Tales of Aggro 

alan ford actor thin ice tales of aggro zani

Author and Actor Alan Ford (Brick Top - Snatch, Terry Norton -Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge) getting involved with Tales of Aggro

trevor laird quadrophenia babylon tales of aggro

Actor Trevor Laird (Quadrophenia, Babylon) delighted with his copy of Tales of Aggro

Tales of Aggro on Spotify Available 

tales of aggro zani spot

The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro on MP3 Player Below

1. Tales of Aggro (Bovver Boy Edit)

2. A Crafty Cigarette (The Revolution is Coming)

3. Tales of Aggro (The Undercover Cockney Remix)

Check Out Radio Interview Highlights with  Author Matteo Sedazzari Talking The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro and more

1. Alan McGee (Co-Founder of Creation Records) talks to Matteo on Boogaloo Radio – The Boogaloo Pub – Highgate, London.
2. Fiery Bird Show – (Radio Woking) Elaine McGinty converses with Matteo.
3. Broadcast legend Russ Kane natters with Matteo on Men's Radio Station, London, WC1.

Tales of Aggro’s Online Interviews and Reviews

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Some Reviews of The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro from Amazon 

2 review amazon paul weller tales of aggro matteo sedazzari

1 TOA 1

 2 TOA

The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro Available Here!

Please note that The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro is a work of fiction. The events and key characters are conjured up by the author, and not based on real incidents or people. As stated in the disclaimer in the kindle and paperback edition of the book.

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