Top Books Selection for Winter 2021

Written by Chris Baxter
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Typically, you won't see many new book announcements in January. After Christmas, shelves in land-based stores are almost empty, so the selection is not great.

However, you can enjoy a wide range of books online. Today we are ready to present a selection of some exciting ones: if you love books from the genre of science fiction, then be sure to pay attention to this collection.

The Push: A Novel

This book will definitely be liked by the fans of psychological thrillers. The whole plot is built around a woman named Blythe, who tries to establish a deep connection with her before the birth of her daughter. As you read it, it becomes clear that something is wrong with the mother, and she requires severe treatment. Probably, the reason for this is virtual and online gambling. But do not immediately open all the cards - try to solve the plot yourself. This book is ideal for those who love:

· Intricate plot;
· Facts about psychology;
· In-depth analysis of what is happening with the main characters of the story.

A Crooked Tree: A Novel

An exciting story about how one action you take can change your entire life in one moment. One night, a single mother orders her daughter to leave the house because they constantly fight. But what will the young girl and mother go through in the future? This is what you have to figure out. Ideal for:

· Family psychology lovers
· Fans of intricate plots
· Unexpected upshots.

Let Me Tell You What I Mean

Throughout this book, you will find a wide variety of Joan Didion's little stories. The book will tell you many new things and make you forget about sleep. Are you ready? Then go ahead and do not say that we did not warn you.

The Wife Upstairs: A Novel

This gothic plot tells numerous feminist things. The main picture is built around a rich man, Eddie Rochester, and poor Jane. Will they be able to hide their secrets from each other? Or is their marriage doomed to fail? This is precisely what you have to learn. This creation is ideal for those who love:

· Modern psychology
· Twisted plots
· Unexpected endings.

Why Should You Read These Books?

Make your winter holidays cosy and exciting with these amazing books, and discover the fantastic world of the new and unexplored. And sometimes the terrible things that surround us but no one talks about it.

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Chris Baxter

Chris Baxter

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