Gambling Online vs In-Person: Which is Better?

Written by Chris Baxter
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Having a way to unwind and destress is important, and this is where hobbies come in. Gambling is a popular hobby for a lot of people, it is exciting, and there is also the promise of money to be made.

Historically, gambling had to be done in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos; however, as with most other areas of life, technology has found a way to revolutionise the way people gamble. As a result, gambling online became a popular option, although what is better – gambling in-person or online? Let's explore.

The Convenience

 First things first, the truth is that gambling online is arguably easier and simpler. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. You don't have to adhere to any dress codes or travel long distances to reach the casino. In some respects, this also makes gambling online cheaper too because there are no other costs associated with it. In addition, you can take your time finding the right casino for you because the options are endless, whereas if you don't like your local casino, you're pretty stuck unless you are willing to travel further afield to another one. That being said, sometimes this convenience can have its own downsides; because online gambling is so easy to access from your home, it might start to feel mundane or lose some of its excitement, whereas going out to a casino is more of an event.

The Crowds

 Another thing to consider is the crowds. Obviously, if you choose to gamble at a traditional casino, you will potentially have to deal with the crowds. Now, some people like this aspect; they feel like it adds a social element to the hobby. However, this isn't for everyone. If it's too busy, then you might not be able to play the games that you want to straight away. Playing online eliminates delays. It also affords a certain level of anonymity. This is great for those who are new to the hobby. You can make a mistake or get to grips with a game without feeling like everyone's eyes are on you. However, while you can gamble online to avoid the crowds, you can still choose an online casino with live games. This offers a compromise that really is the best of both worlds, gambling online with a live dealer to make the game more interactive. Play Live has a number of live games in addition to all the classics that you'd expect, so check them out.

Enticements & Incentives

Often, online casinos offer some sort of incentive to make their site stand out from the crowd and entice you into playing with them over their competitors. The reward could take many forms like free spins, some form of bonus, free deposits or exclusive access. This can be one of the biggest differences between gambling online and in person. While some traditional casinos might have offers or deals, they don't tend to have the same level of offers as many online casinos do. If you do want to take advantage of any of the offers from an online casino, you should always read the terms and conditions to ensure that you know what you are signing up for so that you don't fall foul of any loopholes.

Game Variety

While most traditional casinos will indeed offer all of the games that you would expect and maybe a few of their own, they cannot compete with online casinos in this respect. Online casinos aren't bound by the same restrictions. The games are all online, which means that they can do whatever they want. Most online casinos have a huge range of games, sometimes having hundreds. However, for those who struggle to make a decision or get overwhelmed by options, this may not always be a good thing. There are also those who prefer to play the game in person for the sensory experience, the feel of the cards or dice in your hand, as opposed to playing via a screen.

Betting Maximums & Minimums

A lot of traditional casinos impose betting minimums and maximums for their table games, and this can be intimidating, especially for new players who still need to get to grips with the games. These betting limitations can sometimes make gambling in person more expensive and tedious. A lot of online casinos tend to avoid imposing these types of limitations on their players. This is because online casinos are often cheaper to run because they have smaller overheads which means they don't need to impose these minimums in order to ensure that they can cover their bills.

The Takeaway

In all honesty, the question of whether online gambling or traditional casinos are better depends largely on you. They both have their advantages and drawbacks. But, again, it comes down to personal preference. Do you want to be able to gamble from the comfort of your own home, or do you prefer the experience of heading out to the casino? 

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Chris Baxter

Chris Baxter

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