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crafty 350x500

A Crafty Cigarette – Tales of a Teenage Mod - Foreword by John Cooper Clarke (Matteo Sedazzari) 

A Crafty Cigarette is the powerful story of a teenager coming of age in the 70s as seen through his eyes, who on the cusp of adulthood, discovers a band that is new to him, which leads him into becoming a Mod.

‘I couldn’t put it down because I couldn’t put it down.’ - John Cooper Clarke (Poet and Punk Legend) 

‘A Great Debut That Deals With The Joys and Pains of Growing Up.’ - Irvine Welsh (Author) 

‘Crafty Cigarette, all things Mod and a dash of anarchy. Want to remember what it was like to be young and angry? Buy this book. A great read.’ - Phil Davis (Actor Chalky in Quadrophenia)

Available Now!

secret 350x500

The Secret Life Of The Novel (Dean Cavangh) 

A militant atheist Scientist working at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland tries to make the flesh into Word whilst a Scotland Yard Detective is sent to Ibiza to investigate a ritual mass murder that never took place. Time is shown to be fragmenting before our very eyes as Unreliable Narrators, Homicidal Wannabe Authors, Metaphysical Tricksters & Lost Souls haunt the near life experiences of an Ampersand who is trying to collect memories to finish a novel nobody will ever read. Goat Killers, Apocalyptic Pirate Radio DJ's, Dead Pop Stars, Social Engineers and Cartoon Characters populate a twilight landscape that may or may not exist depending on who's narrating at the time. The Secret Life Of The Novel is a meditation on time, creation and memory that leaves the reader questioning whether they may have been unconsciously complicit in the rewriting of History.

'A unique metaphysical noir that reads like a map to the subconscious' - Irvine Welsh (Author) 

 A fascinating journey into language and creation that defies category -(Jon King- The Football Factory)

Available Now!

feltham 350x500

Feltham Made Me -Foreword by Mark Savage (Paolo Sedazzari) 

The poet Richard F. Burton likened the truth to a large mirror, shattered into millions upon millions of pieces. Each of us owns a piece of that mirror, believing our one piece to be the whole truth. But you only get to see the whole truth when we put all the pieces together. This is the concept behind Feltham Made Me. It is the story of three lads growing up together in the suburbs of London, put together from the transcripts of many hours of interviews.

‘Originality, depth and humour. Five stars without a doubt’Haboku

‘Plenty of the bittersweet emotions that makes the lives of normal people more interesting then those of the stars– Lost at E Minor

‘The ending was a real shock and framed the whole piece’ – Luchiatesoro

‘It’s quirky novel…something I’ll remember for sometime to come’ - Falcata Times

Available Now!

magnificent 6 350x500

The Magnificent Six in Tales of Aggro -Foreword by Steve White (Matteo Sedazzari) 

Meet Oscar De Paul, Eddie the Casual, Dino, Quicksilver, Jamie Joe and Honest Ron, collectively known around the streets of West London as The Magnificent Six. This gang of working-class lovable rogues have claimed Shepherds Bush and White City as their playground and are not going to let anyone spoil the fun.

'A vivid and enjoyable slice of London life in the 80s, with a wealth of detail and characters’ - Drummer Steve White (The Style Council, Paul Weller, Trio Valore,)

‘Tales of Aggro is a kind of time machine that takes one back to the days of ‘Scrubbers’, ‘Scum’ and ‘Get Carter’. Very redolent of those atmospherics.’ - Jonathan Holloway – (Theatre Director and Playwright)

‘A real slice of life told in the vernacular of the streets’- Irvine Welsh – (Author) 

Available Now!

7Ps 350x500

7P'S - A Story About Mates (A.G.R) 

The 7 P's. An unusual title you may think, but its meaning will become as apparent to you as it did for four friends and comrades who, in a desperate move of self-preservation, escaped the troubles of 1980s Northern Ireland, and their home town of Belfast, only to find themselves just as deep, if not deeper, in trouble of a different kind on the treacherous streets of London.

‘With an excellent storyline this kept me gripped throughout. Although this is a 'story' it has a 'real' feel to it... and although its serious it has a comical side too.’ – Janicec

Highly recommended . Gripping story line, Looking forward to the next one.’ - Patricia Bebb

 Available Now!


7Ps II 350x500

7Ps II - Sequel (A.G.R) 

Here we go again, but this time we are led into our second installment by our secretive twist in the tail character from book one, Eli Moon. Eli firstly has a bit of personal business to take care of but once he has his house in order he is on the road to Ireland, or more precisely Belfast where four young men, after a gap of four years may not be too enthusiastic to see him.

Eli saved their lives, and they owe him, but the favour he asks in return may just be a bit beyond any of their imaginations, he wants to rob a bank!!

‘Absolutely fantastic read, 1st book was fab but 2nd one even better’ - Mandi

‘Again, hats off to the author felt like I was with the gang . A belting read highly recommend- Patricia Higgins

Available Now!


foxes 350x500

Tales from The Foxes of Foxham (Matteo Sedazzari) 

A magical adventure story set in the 1950s that transports the reader to the bustle of Naples, the thrills of London, and the tranquillity of Norfolk.

As the reader encounters quick-witted and cheeky foxes, Vespa riding wolves, stylish bears, reliable badgers, good & bad witches on the way, in a host of exciting situations, resulting in a dramatic battle of good versus evil

Inspired by classic fantasy stories and films of yesteryear, Tales from The Foxes of Foxham is a humorous, graceful, and joyous novel. A guaranteed page-turner that will make the reader laugh, screech, and cheer.

‘Another enjoyable romp!’ – Steve White, Drummer, (The Style Council, Paul Weller)

‘An Absolute Triumph’ Loire Magazine

‘A wonderfully original story that certainly appealed to me and my daughter, who loved it’ - Our Favourite Shelf: Mod & Beyond in Print

‘Fictional fantasy fun, with a sprinkling of Harry Potter and Star Wars ethics to add to the aura.’ - Scootering Magazine

'A lesson on understanding, empathy, inclusion, and expectancy.' - Mods Of Your Generation

Available Now!

performers 350x500

Performers (Irvine Welsh & Dean Cavangh) 

In the swinging and hallucinogenic London of 1968, visionary Scottish filmmaker Donald Cammell joined forces with cinematographer Nicolas Roeg to make “Performance”. The film would star James Fox, Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg, but the casting process was frustrating for Cammell because he insisted on bringing “real villains” into the roles that supported the lead character of South London gangster Chas Devlin.

Available Now!cola 350x500

Cola Boy (Ryan Battle) 

The year is 1996. 24-year-old Jimmy Irvine quits the tombstone grey skies of Scotland for the sun-kissed beaches of Dubai. A news reporter and small-time club DJ, Jimmy soon becomes exposed to the city’s underbelly of organised crime - a seedy world which has infiltrated the cabin crew of an Arabian airline.

‘A fast paced, kinetic debut from a writer with his finger on the pulse of the working class culture. Endearing, exciting and authentic.’ - Dean Cavanagh (Author & Screen Writer)

‘A brutal but hilarious semi-autobiographical account of Dubai in the 90s told by a young Scottish hack. A sobering story of excess and corruption with a mix of zippy dialogue, Tarantino violence and Trainspotting honesty about drugs and addiction. A must read!’ - Eva Pascoe (Entrepreneur and Writer)

'A nostalgic trip down memory lane of the 90s scene while opening my eyes to pastures new of Dubai in the 90s. The characters and story are as vivid and bright as the 49 degrees sun! Get involved with Cola Boy - it’s the real thing! '- Leo Gregory (Actor)

Available Now!


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