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Tales of Aggro by Matteo Sedazzari 

‘A real slice of life told in the vernacular of the streets’ Irvine Welsh December 2018 

Meet Oscar De Paul, Eddie the Casual, Dino, Quicksilver, Jamie Joe and Honest Ron, collectively known around the streets of West London as The Magnificent Six. This gang of working-class lovable rogues have claimed Shepherds Bush and White City as their playground and are not going to let anyone spoil the fun. 

Fashion conscious, music obsessed and shooting from the lip, these lads are legends in their minds and eager to stamp their identities on the often-indifferent streets. 

Meet Rockin’ Wilf, uncle to Eddie, Teddy Boy, natural born thief and victim of 1970’s police corruption. 

Meet Stephanie, a wannabe pop star who is determined to knock spots off the Spice Girls, with her girl group.

Above all though, meet West London and hear the stories of ordinary people getting up to extraordinary adventures. 

Available Here 

Feltham Made Me: By Paolo Sedazzari Foreword by Mark Savage

The poet Richard F. Burton likened the truth to a large mirror, shattered into millions upon millions of pieces. Each of us owns a piece of that mirror, believing our one piece to be the whole truth. But you only get to see the whole truth when we put all the pieces together

This is the concept behind Feltham Made Me. It is the story of three lads growing up together in the suburbs of London, put together from the transcripts of many hours of interviews. Most of the material has come directly from the three men – Dermott Collins, Peter Wyatt and Jerry Zmuda. But I have also included interviews with their teachers, parents, friends, enemies, work-mates and chance acquaintances.

As each character in Feltham Made Me takes over the narrative baton with their own individual spin, we hear differing, often conflicting, accounts of the same incident. Who is telling the truth? Neither? Or both? Often our own distortions and exaggerations reveal another truth about ourselves.

Available Here

The Secret Life Of The Novel by Dean Cavanagh

"A unique metaphysical noir that reads like a map to the subconscious." Irvine Welsh 

A militant atheist Scientist working at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland tries to make the flesh into Word whilst a Scotland Yard Detective is sent to Ibiza to investigate a ritual mass murder that never took place. Time is shown to be fragmenting before our very eyes as Unreliable Narrators, Homicidal Wannabe Authors, Metaphysical Tricksters & Lost Souls haunt the near life experiences of an Ampersand who is trying to collect memories to finish a novel nobody will ever read.

Goat Killers, Apocalyptic Pirate Radio DJ's, Dead Pop Stars, Social Engineers and Cartoon Characters populate a twilight landscape that may or may not exist depending on who's narrating at the time. The Secret Life Of The Novel is a meditation on time, creation and memory that leaves the reader questioning whether they may have been unconsciously complicit in the rewriting of History.

Available Here 

A Crafty Cigarette Tales of a Teenage Mod: Foreword by John Cooper Clarke

'I couldn’t put it down because I couldn’t put it down.'John Cooper Clarke August 2015

'A Great Debut That Deals With The Joys and Pains of Growing Up' Irvine Welsh April 2016

'Crafty Cigarette, all things Mod and a dash of anarchy. Want to remember what it was like to be young and angry? Buy this book. A great read' Phil Davis (Actor Chalky in Quadrophenia) August 2016

"A Crafty Cigarette is the powerful story of a teenager coming of age in the 70s as seen through his eyes, who on the cusp of adulthood, discovers a band that is new to him, which leads him into becoming a Mod.

A mischievous youth prone to naughtiness, he takes to mod like a moth to a flame, which in turn gives him a voice, confidence and a fresh new outlook towards life, his family, his school friends, girls and the world in general. Growing up in Sunbury –on-Thames where he finds life rather dull and hard to make friends, he moves across the river with his family to Walton –on –Thames in 1979, the year of the Mod Revival, where to his delight he finds many other Mods his age and older, and slowly but surely he starts to become accepted...."

Available Here


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