Ten Most Popular NFL Draft Prop Bets

Written by JR Hartley
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The NFL draft is an annual event where teams from the top American football league choose the best players that are coming out of college leagues.

Recruitment in American sports often involves a college to professional team pipeline. That means a player spends anywhere from one to four years at college before they are selected for the draft of their particular sport, such as football, basketball, and baseball.

Betters enjoy NFL Drafts even more than regular fans, as they have a chance to place bets on the events that can give them a great win in the future.

Below is a rundown of the ten most popular NFL Draft prop bets from the 2021 edition of the draft.

1. Overall No.3 Pick

Betters have a great deal of interest in who would go on to become the number three pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The odds in the summer indicated that Mac Jones was the favourite, with Trey Lance and Justin Fields in second and third place. Those who picked Lance were the ones who went home happy, as he was the no.3 pick for the San Francisco 49ers.

2. First Drafting of a Running Back

Another bet that got a great deal of attention was the option of choosing who would be the first running back to get the nod from one of the NFL teams. The odds in July placed Najee Harris as the favorite, with Travis Etienne and Javonte Williams following closely behind. In this instance, the person with the lowest odds was the first pick among defensive players, earning a big win for those who had gone for the sure bet.

3. First Defensive Player Drafted

Gamblers wanted to know who would be the first player from the defensive side of the game to get drafted onto an NFL team in the 2021 edition of the draft. The likes of Patrick Surtain II, Jaycee Horn, Micah Parsons, Kwity Paye, and Jaelan Phillips were all seen as decent odds to be the first among the defensive players to get selected. Jaycee Horn was the eventual winner of this prop bet.

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4. Where is Ja’Marr Chase Going?

Both NFL fans and betters had a great deal of interest in the future of rising star Ja’Marr Chase. Many teams were in the running to secure the probable superstar, which is why he was such a popular prop bet. Teams such as the Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, and Atlanta Falcons were seen as favorites to nab his signature. He went to the Bengals in the first round of the draft.

5. How Many Offensive Linemen Will Get Drafted in Round 1?

Prop bet enthusiasts always want to know how many players among a certain category will get the nod from NFL teams in the first round. This time around, they wanted to know about offensive linemen being selected by teams in round 1, which is why this prop bet is so high on the list. The odds put over 6.5 as the slight favorite over under 6.5, meaning the bet was practically a toss-up.

6. Second Overall Pick

Another bet that got a great deal of attention in the lead up to the 2021 NFL Draft, was the selection of the second overall pick. There are occasions where the first pick is a near lock, and fans want to know what will happen after that player is selected by a team. Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, and Kyle Pitts are among the stars who were seen as possible second picks in the first round of the draft. Zach Wilson was picked second by the New York Jets.

7. Total Receivers

Receivers are a vital position in the NFL, as they are the ones who often have to catch the ball after the quarterback gets the ball in his hands following the snap. Great receivers can elevate a decent offensive into one that is a real threat to score touchdowns and field goals. Betters had to decide whether there would be more or less than 4.5 receivers drafted in round 1, with over 4.5 the heavy favourite.

8. Total Running Backs

While running back is a very important position in the NFL, most teams are well stocked in the position. That is why the odds of more than 1.5 running backs being selected in the draft was the outside option, compared to the favourite bet of under 1.5. As it happens, two running backs were drafted in round one: Najee Harris and Travis Etienne, as pick 24 and 25 respectively.

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9. Total QBs

Fans always want to know whether their team has a chance of grabbing a possibly world-class quarterback in the NFL Draft, as it is the most important position on the field. The prop bet around QBs gave betters the option of choosing more or less than 5.5 quarterbacks being drafted in the first round of the draft. Over 5.5 was the outside bet, with under 5.5 the heavy favourite.

10. Who Will Nab DeVonta Smith?

The final player who was garnering a lot of pre-draft attention from betters was DeVonta Smith. The wide receiver was seen as someone who could go into an NFL team and make an immediate impact in his first season, which is why fans were so curious to see where he would land. DeVonta Smith eventually signed for the Philadelphia Eagles, who were third favorites to land him behind the NY Giants and Detroit Lions.

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Draft to Glory

The NFL Draft is an incredible chance for top-quality college athletes to make it to the professional league. Not only do these players have a chance to earn lucrative contracts, but many of them get to represent teams they have followed and supported for most of their lives.

Betters who understand the way NFL prop bets work can also enjoy the draft, as they get the chance to make a lot of money. In many ways, the draft is a chance for glory for both the players being hired by NFL teams and the gamblers who are placing prop bets on specific players.

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