Top #9 Dragon Themed Games in 2022

Written by JR Hartley
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The best role-playing games on PC, as well as those that feature dragons, are naturally filled with these creatures both as allies and enemies.

A skyscraper-sized, fire-breathing lizard is quite capable of delivering the kind of epic showdown we love, even in the best online slots. In this collection, you will find some of the best games for PC that you can play where you can meet, challenge, or befriend a dragon.


There are no horses in Skyrim like there are dragons in Skyrim. Its dragons have defined a generation of scaled beasts as much as its horses have defined a generation of mountain climbers. Many Dragonborns are given the ultimate challenge of their lives by Alduin and his ilk in the Nordic homeland, the snowy peaks. Dragons pop up just as often when you are picking flowers as they are when you are actively searching for them in the story arc leading up to the storied dragons of Tamriel. When you're walking slowly back to town over-encumbered with looted goods and thinking, "oh dear," one of the best and worst feelings in Skyrim is hearing the giant wings flap overhead.

Dark Souls Series

The series is known for its difficulty, which means players will have to face some of the game's biggest and saddest creatures. Despite Dragons' prominent presence in Dark Souls' lore, relatively few real dragons are found in the game. Dark Souls series dragons are often cousins to big beasts like drakes, wyverns, and other dragon-like creatures, but they are no less impressive due to their resemblance. From the truly awful Gaping Dragon and Seath, the Scaleless to the not so dragon-like, but no less intimidating Ancient Wyvern of Dark Souls 3, every one of these opponents has the makings of a legendary boss fight in keeping with the Dark Souls tradition of epic boss fights.


The ultimate challenge of this MMO has been conquering dragons for most of its illustrious tenure. In Archeage, you can now raise and mount your own dragon to use as mounts, making these winged reptiles commonly used as world bosses that will tear your character to pieces.

Elder Scrolls Online

Dragons have finally been added to Elder Scrolls Online in response to Skyrim's announcement. Although they are not present in ESO's base game, their introduction is in the Elsweyr expansion, which takes players into Khajiit territory, burning the deserts. Several players are on the same map during ESO's open-world dragon fights. Once the dragon lands in an area large enough to fight in, players can join together to take it down. In ESO, dragons are subject to fire, ice and other nasty AOEs, which means players who aren't prepared will be easily killed.

dragon 2


When a game is set in the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons & Dragons, dragons should be the order of the day, and Neverwinter is no exception. This free-to-play RPG has campaign maps that are wholly devoted to dragons, weekly dragon-slaying quests, and bosses that are unparalleled in power. In Dungeons & Dragons: The Game, Cryptic Studios creates some of the most formidable dragons in video games, using lore from the Dungeons & Dragons series.

Monster Hunter World

Elder dragons of many different kinds are found in Monster Hunter World. There's no question that they're the most impressive dragons in MHW, even though it isn't the first time they're shown. The Dragon fights within Monster Hunter World make for some of the biggest and most difficult encounters you will encounter during this open-world game. These fights culminate in the final confrontation with the elder dragon Xeno'jiiva. It is not the last dragon, however. Players will also have to face the icy Velkhana and Namielle elder dragons with the release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. In addition, not enough dragon games allow you to dress your fierce foes up in armour.


Despite its title, this free MMO won't be filled with dragons very often; instead, it's filled with endgame bosses that will wipe out your raid group of 20 over and over until you finally succeed in defeating them. Taking on the several gods of the Blood Storm will require you to do your homework and bring plenty of resources. From the choice of classes and alliances to the talent tree, Rift feels remarkably similar to Classic WoW. Even though Rift takes hundreds of hours to grind through, it satisfies the power fantasy with some cool mounts, abilities, weapons, and loot.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Players of Ark: Survival Evolved, a game that requires players to tame giant animals and clean up their waste, are not allowed to fight dragons. If tamed and ridden, they can also be used for fighting, but generally, they were meant to be tamed and then ridden. This is an essential addition to the PC version of How To Train Your Pet Dragon. In order to access the Dragon Arena, you must create an Ark portal. Purple dragons and orange dragons appear in the arena. The dragon cannot be tamed by console commands in the base game since you can only fight and kill it. However, Scorched Earth also features several dragons (actually wyverns) that can be tamed, fought against, and flown across the map, including poison, lightning, and fire.

 dragon 3

Dragon Age: Inquisitions

In fact, dragons can be found in the first two Dragon Age games; even in Dragon Age: Origins, a giant dragon is the final boss. Of the bunch, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the most impressive. There are plenty of places to explore in Dragon Age: Inquisition. After killing your first dragon, you will receive a new quest, telling you to eliminate all nine High Dragons. Your party's wingspan is dwarfed by theirs, and the list of their special abilities and resistances is just as impressive. Dragon battles can last quite a while because the Inquisitor and his party only come as a party of four.

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