How Joe Burrow Led The Bengals To The Super Bowl

Written by Bob Rogers
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The Bengals.
 It has been quite some time since the Bengals saw a Super Bowl, in fact, the last time they saw even a chance at the Lombardi trophy was back in 1989! It has been a while, and we must say, we are happy for them. 
The football gods have been kind to them, and during this year's playoffs, we have seen things we never thought we would see. 
Hell, at the beginning of the season, many people were certain that the Buccaneers would make it to the Super Bowl, and if they didn’t then it would be the Cardinals, however, the tides changed. 
Now, we will be seeing the Bengals at the Super Bowl, and boy o'boy is it a surprise. 
In their game against the Chiefs, we were shocked and in awe, they just slipped past the Titans in the Divisional and smashed the Raiders in the Wild Card round, but who would have thought they would take down the Chiefs? 
How Did He Do It? 
So, what happened exactly? Well as the Bengals faced off the Chiefs, at first things did not look so good. By the half-time, they were down by 11, and even though Eli Apple was blundering about, they managed to come back from it and defeat the Chiefs- a likely Super Bowl pick at the time. 
They held up an offensive line, in spite of all the doubt floating around. 
They went into overtime, unlike the Bills, and they pulled out something of an astounding victory. 
Since Joe Burrow was hit in the Texas A&M game in the year before LSU, he has been a bit different. He has been locked in, head in the game. He told the world that the Bengals arrived, and while they were underdogs, and he sure did prove it. 
The defense and the offense really knuckled down. 
Burrow himself went 23/28 for 250 years, nailing 1 interception, and 2 touchdowns. 
Chase and Higgins were legendary, totaling 12 catches, 157 yards, and 1 touchdown. Mixon was controlling the ground with 21 carries and 88 yards. Between the three of them, they made sure they wouldn’t lose. 
Burrow showed the world that he arrived when they were down 11 at halftime, and they sprung back. He may as well have manifested his team into victory. It would seem that this is a new rivalry in the AFC. The Chiefs were the favorites to face the NFC champions, but we were wrong. 
We all know that quarterbacks are at the heart of a team, they are the inspiration, the fuel that fans the fire into ablaze. They are not the coach, but they are the second in command. A good quarterback knows his team better than he knows what he has for breakfast, or his favorite TV show. 
Joe Burrow showed himself to be a legend as a quarterback, a new kid on the block ready to will his team into victory again and again. Perhaps he will bring the Bengals into glory and even be the next Brady? 
Are we seeing the next legendary quarterback of this decade spring into action and show us what he is made of? Possibly. 
The 2022 Super Bowl! 
We have to be honest though, this was entirely unexpected. The regular season did not have us thinking that the Bengals would make it. Most of us, and most bookies had our cards on the Chiefs for the Super Bowl. 
After all the Chiefs had the best win-loss rate in the AFC, it was anticipated that they would be carrying the conference to the next Super Bowl. How wrong we all were. 
If you placed any NFL betting odds on who would make it to the Super Bowl, and you bet the Chiefs, we are crying with you. Joe Burrow spurred his team on in a way we just did not see coming. 
In this season we saw the Chiefs with a win-loss rate of 14-6 and the Bengals with 13-7, only a slight difference, but that includes the pre-season. 
If you told us that we would be seeing the Bengals at the Super Bowl this year in the first few weeks of the season, we don’t know if we would’ve believed you. 
Joe Burrow pushed through the dust, coming back from an 11 point struggle, and jumping into overtime to wipe the field with the Chiefs in the second half. 
And now, the Bengals are off to the Super Bowl.
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Bob Rogers

Bob Rogers

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