Linen - A Nifty Choice for Your Home

Written by Bob Rogers
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When decorating a house, you often look for a fabulous-looking yet versatile material to elevate the look.

Unbeknownst to most, linen has all those qualities to enhance your interior décor game. With some clever tricks, you can start finding yourself linen fabric by the yard as a nifty choice for your home décor.

Why Should You Use Linen For Your Home?

Linen is one of the oldest fabric materials in history; however, it has stood against the test of time to thrive until today. It has a luxurious texture and durability that can be used to make top-notch garments and rejuvenate interiors with a fresh style. No wonder it has been the go-to fabric all along. Even today, this fabric is still used to convey the sense of luxuriousness in interior designs as seen in hotels and fancy restaurants.

Here are the reasons why you should use linen for your home:


Linen is a natural fabric that is often considered one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world. It’s made from fibres of flax plants that require less water and chemicals to grow. The plants used to make linen are also used to produce linseed oil and provide food for livestock. Moreover, linen is an eco-friendly, biodegradable material. When you dispose of this cloth, it will be decomposed by bacteria or other organisms.


It is the most common quality of linen. The flax fibres in linen are sturdy and even stronger in wet conditions. Linen’s quality does not deteriorate in each laundry; in fact, it gets softer every time you wash it. Proper linen with proper care may last for years; but, that’s not all. It will only get better over time. That’s why linen thrives from generation to generation.

Comfort in Any Weather

In the heat of summer or in the freezing winter, linen will still embrace you with comfort. During the winter, comfortable linen sheets will make you feel warm because this fabric is heat-recuperating. During summertime, linen’s breathable and absorbent quality cools the body. Linen can do all of those because its hollow fibre allows air to circulate freely. No wonder linen is used for luxury bed sheets.


Linen dries quickly, therefore, it does not let bacteria grow in the cloth. This anti-bacterial quality creates a safer and more hygienic environment in the house. Additionally, its absorbent and breathable quality make linen more hypoallergenic. Therefore, linen makes a perfect, health-friendly bed sheet or curtain garment.

What Can We Do With Linen?

After learning the reasons why linen is a nifty option for your home, it’s time to learn what we can do with linen to design our house. With a few tweaks, linen might provide a versatile and affordable option of materials to make your house more incredible. Here are some beautiful home décor ideas using linen.

Luxury Bed Sheets

It’s no surprise if luxury resorts across the globe are using linen for their sheets. It’s comfortable and durable, after all. Furthermore, its texture and beautiful look make it a perfect bed sheet that is not only attractive but also eco-friendly.

Country-style Curtains

Linen filters sunlight handsomely to create extra warmth to the room. For curtains, however, you will need thick linen. You can choose to have it lined or unlined. Unlined linen curtains look more casual but exude a warmer atmosphere; yet, they tend to be aging untimely upon regular sun exposure. You can have several options to change regularly to overcome such issues.

Wall Decoration

Decorate your walls with exquisite-looking linen to add a magical touch to the room. Additionally, a linen-decorated wall might have a better acoustic with better soundproof quality. Besides, you can also indulge in linen’s heat-proof quality and its hypoallergenic ability to repel dust. You can use plain or herringbone linen for a more rustic vibe; otherwise, you can opt for stripes or melange linen to create an avant-garde atmosphere.

Decorative Table

A table with linen decoration will liven up your room and create a sense of opulence. Draping linen adds weight and dramatic touch to bare-legged furniture. Natural-colored linen on your coffee table elevates the whole room to an entirely different level. A side table with ornamental linen adds weights to the corner of the room, making it less forgettable. Linen decorations can also give a grand entrance if you drape them creatively on your hall table.

To Sum Up

Finding out what to do with linen is always an interesting thing. Linen’s durability, versatility, and ease of care make it a nifty choice for your home decor. With a few hacks, linen will be more than a decorative material; it might be a functional material to make your house a cosier place to live.

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Bob Rogers

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