3 Ways How Music Can Influence a Person's Mood

Written by Bob Rogers
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How many times have you caught yourself singing the same song over and over, if not out loud then in your head?

Sometimes it’s that one single song that sticks with you for days on end and no matter what you are doing, there it is running through your mind nonstop. Sometimes it’s even a tune you don’t like very much, but there it is on replay all day long! Have you ever wondered why that is? Well, psychology and medical science say that there is proof that certain songs, certain types of music, cause the regulation of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that has a significant impact on mood regulation and our emotional behaviour. Now you need wonder no longer! Still, let’s look a little closer at exactly how music influences our mood.

1. Songs That Make You Crazy!

Not all songs have the same effect on us. Some songs just make us crazy! You hear them and you just want to throw something at the radio or the source of the sound. You can’t even bring yourself to call it music it affects you that deeply. Of all the genres out there, the two that seem to rile people the most are Rap and, believe it or not, Country and Western. It could be because they are polar opposites on the cultural scale, but you will notice both genres get more hate levelled at them than all the other genres put together.

2. Music That Makes Us Happy

You will find that first generation video games all had music accompanying them that was reminiscent of the music played at carnivals and on rides like the merry-go-round. It was music that brought back memories of happier childhood days. This is so different in today’s online casinos where their games are often accompanied by hit tunes from recent years. Some are even cultural pop tunes that would go with games like La Tomatina which is featured when you play Jackpot Casino games. Then there are games also on that South African online casino that feature music like you’d hear on classic epic movies. This is what you’ll hear accompanying the new Demigods slots game, Demigods IV Thunderstorm also available for play on Jackpot Casino. These tunes put you in a mood of transcending time and space, carrying you into the adventure of the quest.

3. Music That Relaxes Us

Speaking of music that has an effect on us while gaming, there are times when you need to settle back into yourself when playing a game of strategy, for example. Can you see a game of chess accompanied by a Metallica tune? Probably not. The music being played in the background is just as much to create a mood as it is to fill space, keeping you tuned into the play.

With all this in mind, maybe the next time you are depressed you should turn on your favourite songs that always make you feel good. Can music have that kind of effect on you? Can it help to alter moods you’d like to change? It’s worth a try.

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Bob Rogers

Bob Rogers

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