3 Creative Ways to Use Custom Stickers to Help Your Business Thrive in 2021

Written by Chris Baxter
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2021 is coming, fast!

You might be in the thick of the Christmas rush. Then you'll have a few lovely, relaxing days with your family and 2021 is upon us before we know it.

And how do we meet our growth targets? Do you need some ideas to get you going?

In the next few minutes, I'm going to share some ideas with you on how you can meet your growth goals. All of these use custom stickers to help grow your brand - something you may not have considered before now.

Firstly, why custom stickers?!

Stickers are a great way to promote your company because of their low cost. People also don't perceive them to be an advertising tool in specific use-cases. For example, if given as part of your product packaging, most people see them as a gift. They will willingly stick them somewhere useful if they love your product (think Apple iPhone stickers).

Giving gifts is a well-proven strategy for increasing sales because of social psychology's rule of reciprocity.

So how can you best use custom stickers to grow your brand & meet your growth targets?

Here are three ideas to get started.

1. Include stickers with your orders

Stickers are such a low cost, including them with your product is a no brainer. There are reasons world-class brands like Apple include stickers with their products.

For example, Google tells us there are 3+ billion mentions of brands a day, and almost 95% of these happen offline. We also know many customers say they're 'highly likely' to buy based on word of mouth recommendations.

Just imagine commuters on a packed tube all seeing your brand's sticker on the back of a phone or laptop. That can be powerful.

Don't miss out on this powerful but simple marketing tool - add stickers to all orders!

2. Brand your packaging

First & last impressions are super important.

We all work hard to create a beautiful experience our customers' will remember. Creating custom packaging using stickers to improve the experience is amazingly effective, particularly because getting custom-printed packaging can be prohibitively expensive.

100% compostable stickers are also available so you can put your packaging straight into recycling without impacting the environment. Win-win.

It doesn't have to be your logo you apply to a package. It can be helpful tips on where to start the unboxing process or recycling instructions. Whatever you feel is most important to your customer.

3. Try guerilla marketing tactics

I'm sure you've seen many, great guerilla marketing campaigns over time. Here are a few ideas where brands have used stickers to gain an advantage:

Here McDonald's painted pedestrian crossings. Admittedly it's not a sticker, but a great inspiration to spark your creativity

This is an awesome example from Lays (or Walkers in the UK), to show customers their crips are made from locally grown potatoes.

Here Duracell is associating themselves with a continuous supply of power, cementing in our minds their number 1 position in long-life batteries.

I hope you liked these ideas and they will help you to grow in 2021 and make custom stickers part of your strategy.

If you have any other ideas or questions, please comment below.


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Chris Baxter

Chris Baxter

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