Let’s Look at How Gaming has Evolved Over the Years

Written by JR Hartley
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The evolution of gaming has easily become one of the most rapid shifts in the world of entertainment.

Technology has improved so much over the years and video games are now way more immersive than ever before. You also have a huge range of blockbuster and TV shows that are made to try and showcase the games that have come out as well, which is incredible to say the least. While there really are a number of game-like programs out there, it has taken a lot of time for them to come to the main market like they have today. If you want to discover more, simply take a look below.

Computers and the First Game

The very first game to be distributed and then played on various computers was actually Spacewar! It’s the brainchild of a very bored scientist. He and his colleagues went on to create a dog fight that involved two spaceships that were controlled by the players. It was suited to the circular output of the famous PDP-1 microcomputer and it was also distributed amongst players who wanted to fill their lunch breaks. Of course, online gaming in Finland is getting more and more popular and it’s all because of games like this setting the foundation which would eventually lead to games such as slots, poker, blackjack and baccarat to mention just a few. Even though Spacewar! was a basic game to say the least, it set a number of important features that we see today. This can include players putting themselves against each other and even graphics that were miles ahead what was known at the time.

Pac-Man Releases

Pac-Man was designed to appeal to a much wider audience. The founder created a game that was all about eating food, and the player had to navigate a maze as well. It was inspired by games like Donkey Kong and even Q*Bert too, but at the end of the day, home consoles were focused on replicating the arcade experience at the time. In the aftermath of the game crash, which saw the market being flooded with the commercial failure of the Atari 2600 and various cheap options, Nintendo and Sega rose from the ashes.

Emphasis on In-Home Games

This generation of consoles is putting a strong emphasis on games that could not exist in a noisy arcade. There are various story-driven games being released now and you also have games such as Zelda, Final Fantasy and even Dragon Quest. These games are ones that we adore today and even though the tech has shrunk a lot over the years, it’s still everything that we absolutely adore today.

The Rise of the Game Boy

Next up we have the Game Boy. By the 90s, everything is moving so fast that things can’t keep up. You have Sega, Sony, Nintendo, and the rebirth of Atari. They are all trying to dip their toes into the idea of having a home console at this point and you had games such as Star Fox being released on the SNES too. This came with a 3D-rendering program instead of what you normally see, which is 2D. When 3D graphics were added to the mix, the door opened up for even more games and genres. It really wasn’t long before programmers began to see even more powerful games out there and this happened to include Castle Wolfenstein and even John Romero’s releases.

A lot might have changed in the world of gaming but at the end of the day, it would seem that it has all changed for the better. Who knows what the future holds, but at the end of the day, one thing is for certain and that’s the new releases are here to stay.


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JR Hartley

JR Hartley

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