Records Expected to Be Broken in the Beijing Winter Olympics

Written by Bob Rogers
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With the closing of the Winter Olympics 2022, everyone has settled now that the excitement and tension has passed.

The athletes have come and gone as they race and competition for the gold medal has come and gone. With 15 different winter sports at the Olympics, people are watched with anticipation to see who would break records this year.

The Olympic Torch

The modern Olympic games first began in 1896 in honour of the ancient Olympic Games in Olympia, which happened centuries before. The lighting of the Olympic torch and the torch relay symbolise the connection of the ancient games to the modern games, uniting all countries from all continents in peace.

These Olympic traditions honour the origins of competitive sports and enchant viewers from all around the world. As the games begin, everyone is reminded of the strong and capable super-athletes representing their country, birthplace, and culture.

The Olympic torch not only kindled the beginning of the modern Olympic Games but also our exhilarating trust for the competitors in the games and our excitement to bet on the best.

Olympic Sports Betting

For fans of winter sports, there were many sports betting opportunities. As many skilled punters took to the bookmakers, many kept a close eye on the stats and circumstances for each event. As always, many opted for a reputable site on which to bet and research the best promo codes across the UK betting platforms. With the research done, the time for speculations on even outcomes began.

There were quite a few opportunities with 15 different winter sports. There was alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, curling, bobsleigh, figure skating, and speed skating, to mention a few.

Depending on what winter sport you are interested in, there are betting platforms where you can assess the stats of each athlete to decide on who will win and if they will break any records. From figure skating to cross-country skiing, we look at the competitors and records expected to be broken in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Olympic Records Broken

A few Olympians could break records at the winter Olympics across different winter sports. Some star Olympians have broken a few records this year in Beijing as they soar across the snow and ice.

1. Eileen Gu - China
This year, Eileen Gu representing China in the Olympics has broken history after winning two gold medals in halfpipe and big air Free ski events. The 18-year-old Olympian earned a hat track when she won a silver medal during slopestyle.

2. Nils van der Poel - Sweden
Nils van der Poel from Sweden has set a new world record after setting a new time for the men’s speed skating 10,000m. Van der Poel broke his own 10,000 world record after completing the speed skating event in 12:30.74. The 25-year-old Olympian also received a gold medal for the 5,000m event.

3. Johannes Thingnes Boe - Norway
Norway is leading this winter Olympics with 37 medals, including 16 gold medals. Johannes Thingnes Boe recently broke a record for his country after receiving a gold medal during the men’s 15km mass start. The biathlete won the 15th medal, which broke an Olympic record for the most gold medals obtained during the winter Olympics.

The Olympic records to be broken at Beijing 2022 are ambitious but enthralling for spectators this winter.

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