Up And Coming Offensive Players To Look Out For During Drafting Season

Written by Keith Dolan
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The majority of this season’s line up is made out of strong defensive players, but that doesn’t mean we will be lacking in offensive strategies.

Today we want to show you the top offensive players in this season’s drafting line up. With our knowledge and Fanduel's Super Bowl odds, you can draw in some big wins!

Evan Neal

Evan Neal has recently been declared the number one pick for the Crimson Tide’s offensive line and we couldn’t be happier!

This tank of a man is 6 foot 7 and weighs 350 pounds, making him a daunting player to stand next to. Still this monster of a man can move with the grace of a dancer. We predict great things from this number one offensive player.

Charles Cross

Charles Cross has become a well versed player, but during his 2021 college season, Cross has shown himself as a dominant force. His pass-protector abilities have doubled, making him a star choice for any offensive lineup.

Tyler Linderbaum

If we were looking at center prospects and nothing else, then Linderbaum would be our number one pick. He has the highest grade point average in 2021, earning an overall grade of 95.3 for the season. That is immense!

Kenyon Green

Green has made a name for himself as the swiftest moving heavyweight in the games. He racks up a whopping 325 pounds, but moves as gracefully as a 100 pounder. During the 2021, Green was involved in every offensive lineup of his season, proving time and time again that he can get the job done.

Guard, Tackle, Center - Keyon Green is on it!

Ikem Ekwonu

If you need a running tackle to knock off your opponent, then Ekwonu is your man! This beast of a player produced 18 blocks in one game, making him the most impressive offensive lineman we have seen in the drafts!

Darian Kinnard

When it comes to tackling, Kinnard has built up a reputation. He is one of the best run-blockers in college football history! His grade over his whole college career is 89. That's unbelievable!

Although this player has the versatility to be anywhere on the field, we know that his offensive skills are what will pull him from the lineup.

Bernhard Raimann

A couple of years ago, Raimann was in our eye-line for a completely different reason. He was an impressive tight end, and although that statement still holds true, Raimann is now looking at joining the first rounds.

His impressive skills still hold firm, as Raimann’s overall grade this past season was 94.3!

Zion Johnson

No one really took notice of Zion Johnson in 2020, but all that changed this last season. During the 2021 games, Johnson physically changed. He has grown into a powerful player whose tackles are formidable!

Once someone who often sat on the sidelines, Johnson is now someone to keep an eye on.

Trevor Penning

We should really be calling Penning “Snowplow,” as his ability to simply push people out of his way is outstanding. This 6 foot 7, 321 pound player can plow through a crowd of people as if he was walking through grass.

Nothing seems to slow this giant down!

Dohnovan West

Ever since West came onto the scene in 2019, he has been making headlines. While he turned everyone’s heads during his freshman year, his drive for offensive tactics has dimmed slightly.

We don’t want to take this once powerful center off the cards just yet, which is why we’ve dropped him down the list instead.

Daniel Faalele

Daniel Faalele is a player that makes anyone’s head turn. Measuring at 6 foot 9 and weighing 380 pounds, very few people can move the way he can.

Being so tall should make you clumsy, but Faalele has utter control over everything he does. And when this powerhouse comes to tackle you, you’ll be knocked into next Tuesday!

The fact that this man only started playing 5 years ago is astounding. Who can imagine what Faalele could do with another 5 years under this belt!

Sean Rhyan

Rhyan has been playing as a run blocker during his college years, and he has been doing an excellent job. But if we compare his profile up with those in the NFL, we think this champ should be placed as a guard.

Rhyan is on the up. In 2020 his overall grade was 73.9, but by the end of 2021, that number jumped to 83.7!


Evan Neal is the most skilled and exciting offensive player to sit in the NFL drafts. So if you only want one person to watch this season, make it him.

There are a couple on our list that seems to be getting stronger and stronger with every game, so if you want to watch someone who will rise through like an underdog, pick players like Faalele.


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