Euro 2020 Predictions – It’s All to Play for on the 60th Anniversary

Written by Chris Baxter
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Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the Euro 2020 tournament is almost underway with all the groups announced and line-ups from various countries also being announced left, right and centre.

Several teams are making history this time round with debutants popping up and returning teams from over a decade of missing out.
Keeping all of its original branding from the original intended time slot, the COVID impacted tournament has seen some shuffling around of venues due to ongoing restrictions but what are the predictions coming through ahead of the first round of the tournament?
Group B looks to Belgium
Consisting of Denmark, Finland, Belgium and Russia, Group B has seen several reports already saying that Belgium is the favourites of the four entries.
The decision to back the Belgians stems from previous matches from the group with the Red Devils defeating Denmark in the Nations League and a similar result with Belgium beating Russia with some ease during the qualifying rounds.
With Finland and Russia being seen as equals in the group, Denmark appears to be the current favourite to be second in the overall results of the group.
Group C sets a high bar
Different reports and predictions have been coming through for Group C with more than one strong team battling it out for a top place in the first round of the tournament.
Consisting of the Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia, the Netherlands seem to be gathering the most support from the collection of teams even though the run-up to the competition has been anything but smooth.
Performing better than any of the other teams in their group during the Nations League, the Dutch team is definitely not in its strongest state, but remains to be a strong contender for the top of the group.
Ukraine on the other hand is not too far behind the Netherlands in terms of support. Relegated on the unfairest of terms where there was a COVID outbreak within the team, the team still did exceedingly well during the qualifying rounds beating all the other teams they came against, including Portugal.
Streaming the Euros Via Online Platforms While On The Move!
If you are going to be on the move while the Euros take place - at work, on holiday, or travelling - did you know online platforms are live streaming Euro football matches. You can live stream Euro 2020 online via 3G, 4G, or 5G or WiFi and catch the action live from your mobile device using real-time sports streams while many of these sites will also have a betting facility. Many of them come with full guides and match schedules as well as starting times so you can pencil the exact time the games kick off and cheer on your favourite country!
Group F have tough pickings
It is a hard one to call with Group F where Portugal, France, Germany, and Hungary are all set to battle to the end in order to get through to the next round.
As the defending champions of the tournament, Portugal certainly have their work set out for them and they have even more to prove in order to maintain their status as Euro champs.
Also well known to the tournament, France has won the contest twice and certainly knows how to make an impact.
However, alongside Spain, Germany has won the most amount of European competitions, making them a worthy adversary for any team in the tournament.
The bookies frequently change and differ on their opinions as to who will win the group, but regardless of the outcome, it will definitely make for some brilliant matches.
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Chris Baxter

Chris Baxter

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