3 Underrated Retro Films That Aren’t Spoken about Enough Today

Written by Chris Baxter
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Vintage is certainly having its day. Hipsters and fashionistas everywhere are eagerly trying to get their hands on denim jackets and china tea sets. But one area of old-school that doesn’t get enough attention is in film.

Of course, the rise of Amazon and Netflix has given us a range of exciting films, that blow some of the old classics right out of the water. Especially given the higher budgets and access to the technology they now have. But there is a whole world of brilliant vintage films out there that really don’t get enough credit today. This article takes a look at just a few of those underrated movies.

Barton Fink (1991)

Everyone knows about The Cohen Brother’s classic “The Big Lebowski”. But Barton Fink is probably one of their more underrated films. Set in the 1940s, it’s about a playwright who moves to LA to find success as a screenwriter. After being commissioned to write a B movie about wrestlers, the main character meets an array of interesting people whilst dealing with some unusual problems.

In true Cohen brother style, the film is full of dark, yet comical twists and has its fair share of weird moments that leave you questioning reality. But the real reason this film is so good is it creates an urge to take chances in life. Simply because you never know what might happen.

One of the best lines: “Listen to me bellyaching, like my problems add up to a hill of beans.”

Rain Man (1988)

This is a film about road trips and the way we treat each other. Rain Man focuses on two brothers, one who a genius and the other who utilizes his brother's intelligence to count cards and play Blackjack in Las Vegas.

It also shows how fun Blackjack can be. Okay, we might not all have genius brothers that can help us win, but, in the modern era, there are other types of guidance available. For example, comparison sites like Bonus Finder can guide us in finding no-deposit spins and cash bonuses, the likes of which can be found in this article. So, if when watching the film we feel inspired to do a little gambling, we can take ourselves back to the modern age and give it a go with the information needed to do so at our fingertips.

But the reason the film is so great is the way the movie reflects on human relationships, which is done in a few interesting ways. The most interesting of these ways being through playing blackjack. Generally a means of creating tension in movies, the card game is instead used as a means of developing the relationship between the brothers.

Best line: “Ray, it would be nice if you didn't carry that television everywhere we go.”

                                    Source: Unsplash

Easy Rider (1969)

If you're looking for a film that truly epitomises vintage, this is it. Easy Rider tells the story of two men traveling across America with nothing but cool threads, motorbikes, and open minds. At the time, the movie was a leader in the counterculture genre and reflected on the social issues of the day.

The best part about this film has got to be the surrealism that sets a path for modern-day experimentalism in cinema. That, and just the all-around coolness of every scene. Which is what makes it such an underrated vintage masterpiece.

Best Line: "I mean, it's real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace."

No matter how great modern films can be, the old ones really are the best. After all, they are the inspirations for today’s cinema. Whether it’s a film about LA, Las Vegas, or simply being on the open road, these movies certainly will absorb you into a new world.

                                            Source: Unsplash

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