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Conal Kelly - Really Don't Like You

Written by Chloe Mogg

Having only been out in the world for a couple of weeks, 'Really Don't Like You' is certainly making an impact in the world of alt-pop.

The latest offering from Bristol-based multi-instrumentalist Conal Kelly is definitely up there with his best releases to date. Following in the footsteps of complex numbers such as 'Control' and 'In My Head', the new adventure hears the songwriter go sightly more mainstream but paying ode to his signature indie sound. Ever encounter those people that radiate vibes to make you instantly not like them? This is exactly how that feels. About disliking someone for literally no apparent reason, this relatable subject is somewhere we've all been before at least once.

Addictively original and bathed in a lively aura, this is the sort of contender you stick on to put a smile on your face. Feeling those pandemic blues still? Stick this track on and we're sure you'll end up feeling better. Written, recorded, produced, and mixed entirely by the artist, Conal is the sort of person you'd want your future kids to look up to and admire. An established role model that oozes star quality all over, music comes naturally to this songwriter and we're completely living for it.

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