Progressive Jackpot Slots Explained

Written by Ian Park
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Online casino slots are the most popular games you can find at online casinos. They come in different flavors, with five-reel games dominating the lineup, but classic three-reel slots are also present.

Among them, progressive jackpot slots have a privileged position because they offer the possibility of big winnings. These are the games that can make players rich with one spin of the reels, so they rank high in the preferences of online punters.

How do progressive jackpot slots work?

The beauty of progressive jackpot slots is that they don’t differ at all from their regular counterparts. Similar game mechanics apply and the same principles govern the gameplay, so players can make a smooth transition. Winning combinations are triggered by lining up the same symbols in a predetermined order, with wild and scatter symbols playing special roles. The progressive jackpot can be won during free spins, or bonus rounds, depending on the video slot of choice.

The thing about progressive jackpots is that they keep growing until somebody hits the winning combination and all the latest slot sites have these popular slot games. This means that the longer it takes for a lucky player to win, the bigger the prize will go and intense competition is an advantage. The amount up for grabs is conveniently displayed next to the reels, so punters know at all times how much money can be won. Most progressive jackpot slots are pooled with several casinos, so players from different operators compete for the main prize.

When it comes to the progressive jackpot win mechanics, this differs slightly from one game to the other. The thing they have in common is that the odds of winning the jackpot are low and the outcome is totally random. Everyone has the same chances to win, which means that experienced punters don’t have an advantage over beginners. Many slots have several progressive jackpots, with up to four such payouts up for grabs. The smallest amounts are easier to claim, so volatility is lower in their case.

How to win a progressive jackpot?

In most online slots, you need to bet the maximum amount accepted to qualify for the jackpot. This also applies to those slots that have several jackpots, with the biggest one being reserved for those who play the maximum stake. On the bright side, casual punters and beginners can still qualify for one of the smaller jackpots regardless of their bet. When the winning combination is hit and the jackpot unlocked, punters will be notified by spectacular animations.

Most software developers came up with amazing visuals and sound effects aimed at celebrating this special occasion. Some of the most exciting progressive jackpot slots are those with guaranteed winnings. They are commonly referred to as must-drop jackpots which means that the software is programmed to trigger a payout before a specific deadline. As this deadline draws near, players usually double their efforts, as they know that somebody is certain to win the jackpot in the foreseeable future.


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