How Movies Can Improve Your Grammar and Writing Skills

Written by Ian Park
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Movies are pretty entertaining and keep people engaged too. Many people argue that reading books is the best way to learn a language;

However, for some students, films prove to be far more successful and contribute a great deal to their skill development. Let us explain how watching films can improve your skills.


Helps You Understand the Context

When we read a book, we rely on our imagination to understand the context and discussion between characters. There can be an evident flaw in that if your English speaking skills are already weak, how will you know a scenario depicted in a book. Differentiating in the tone can also be tricky for some readers. It is all a blur for most students, whether sarcasm, sadness, anger, happiness, or irritation.

If you watch English movies, you will not have to be in the box of imagination, confusing yourself beyond bounds. Instead, you will have everything happening in front of your eyes. As a result, you can understand the situation much better. When we learn from a dictionary or a book, we forget the words or never use them in everyday conversations. However, in films, the discussions are always set in a specific context, and you can understand the terms they use in it much better and use words that you usually don't.

You can find good movies for learning English quickly online, so don't think it will be a more significant challenge to find a suitable film. Instead, randomly select a movie that seems exciting and start studying the film as you watch it and entertain yourself. No need for a boring classroom to learn the language and improve grammar anymore!


Try to Study the Movies

Improving grammar and writing skills is never an easy task, but watching films can make it easier for you by ten folds. So, instead of considering them a source of entertainment, it is time for you to start studying these films. See how the film depicts the plot, look at how the characters are written, and examine the complication and climax. You can find many English movies online with fantastic stories, and studying them will surely take your skills up a notch.

Moreover, it will teach you the main difference between conversational English and textbook English. You will become more fluent while conversing with people every day. Academic English that we study in schools is formal, and you can't rely on it for daily discussions, so flicks can come in handy. Here is how you do it:

● Pick a film;
● Keep a pen and a notepad;
● Make notes as you watch;
● Pause the film and rewind if you are confused;
● If you don't understand the meaning of a word, look it up in the dictionary;
● Rewatch the context and proceed.

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Your Vocabulary Will Improve

When we read from books or study a dictionary, we will always try to memorize different words and confuse ourselves with similar meanings and similar-sounding words. Well, you can wave this problem goodbye if you are watching movies now. One of the most significant advantages of studying films is that it contributes to improving our vocabulary. Many students feel like different words and using them daily isn't their cup of tea, when in reality, they only need to hear how to use the word in different situations to memorize it and understand it.

If you want to further practice and improve your grammar and vocabulary, you can start writing about movies. Engage yourself in writing about the plot and noting down some of your favorite dialogues and conversations between the characters. You can refer to these whenever you sit down to write, so you stay in touch with everything you learned from the film's story.

Let's not forget that it improves memory because of the repeated exposure to multiple words. That is seldom the case with novels. You only come across a problematic word once or twice and tend to move on from it quickly. As a result, many students keep reading without understanding the book itself. Well, not anymore. Watching films provides excellent exposure and enhances memory too!

The Visuals are Great

Another great thing about watching films and learning is that these films always appeal to all our senses; sight, sound, and speech. Since all these senses are actively engaged at the same time, it helps us understand every single thing better, especially since movie visuals are outstanding when it comes to studying them.

Find yourself a couple of movies to write about and notice how all your senses contribute to reminding you of every little thing shown and how the words and phrases came together beautifully. However, be cautious. Don't jump to content that is too complicated for you. Instead, pick out more straightforward movies in the beginning so you can give it enough time and effort rather than finding yourself in a difficult spot with the film itself and breaking your confidence.

If you genuinely want to improve your writing skills, go for a movie that you can comprehend, and something you feel will help you speak efficiently in a short span with the help of great visuals.

Comparatively More Memorable

If you want to pick a movie, go for an English movie with subtitles because that will make it easier to memorize complicated phrases and comprehend them. If you watch and read at the same time while you find the plot filled with entertainment and adventure, you will remember it for a longer time. There is no surprise in the fact that movies are more memorable than books and novels. Yes, books can be everlasting, timeless classics. However, movies appeal to senses better and are hence memorable and more accessible to mimic.


These are some ways you can improve your vocabulary and writing skills with the help of an entertaining film rather than a boring class or a recorded lecture from your teacher. So keep practicing this technique and see how it works wonders for you. You will find yourself fluently speaking and writing English in no time.

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Ian Park

Ian Park

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