A Must for the World Cup ZANI – The Compact Book of the World Cup

Written by Matteo Sedazzari
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With every major sporting occasion comes a splendid history and a catalogue of useful statistics so with the World Cup in full swing, (regardless of your team’s performance, good or bad), it is useful to know about your opponents and previous World Cup's victories and defeats.

Moreover if, like many, you are bored with the one sided TV pundits' take on The World Cup, or the incessant tabloid besiegement on the England camp, and in doing so forget there are another thirty two teams in the tournament with their own glorious and wonderful  past-then Christ Hunt’s latest gem ‘The Compact Book of the World Cup’ is for you.  In addition, this book will settle any disputes over light hearted debates.

The Compact Book of the World Cup is a user-friendly book, filled with facts, a full history of the World Cup and previous tournaments right up to 2006.  Included is a guide to all seventy six nations that have participated in the contest, with one hundred World Cup legends from Paolo Rossi to Bobby Moore. All enthralling and educating, packed with loads of good photographs, which are bound to evoke memories of joy or anger. Most of the content has it’s origins from Chris Hunt’s previous best seller ‘The Complete Book of Football’ however this addition has been re-edited with new material especially written which makes it laudable reading.

Chris Hunt is certainly no novice when it comes to football as his latest publication clearly demonstrates, not only does he write in a fluid and intelligent fashion, but the level of research is second to none. Throughout the book Hunt remains impartial, and in doing so the book becomes an unbiased account of the World Cup.  

Filled with useful information and photographs with each World Cup there are little articles about events which made each World Cup special; such as the introduction of red and yellow cards in Mexico 1970, which were brought from the 1966 World Cup when Argentina’s Antonio Rattin refused to leave the field. Or the star of the 1954 World Cup, being West Germany's Fritz Walter, who performed better under rainfall, due to the heat enhancing his malaria, and on the day of 1954 final in which West Germany played Hungary, it rained and West Germany won the World Cup for the first time.

So whether you want to know who is the World Cup’s top scorer of all time or the biggest World Cup flop- this is the book for you. And after the flags have been packed away, and the anxiety has died down, it is still a book worth reading long after whatever Team's Captain has lifted the FIFA World Cup Trophy above his head for the World to see-and in doing so Hunt has firmly booked their place in history forever.

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