Harry Carpenter - Paul Gallagher Remembers

Written by Paul Gallagher
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The first time I actually took notice of who was Harry Carpenter was in the late 70s, early 80s on Sportsnight, the Wednesday sports program on BBC1.

I remember this because I was supposed to be in bed, getting my sleep for school the next day, but I always tried to stay awake to watch the boxing, as they didn't really show Man City on the box.

John H Stracey, Dave Boy Green, Frank Bruno, John Conteh, Alan Minter, Charlie Magri, Joe Bugner, Barry McGuigan then the great overseas fighters, Ali, Foreman, Sugar Ray, Roberto Duran.

Also, if you ever nodded off before the boxing started, when you came to, you'd know you hadn't missed it because you would hear the unmistakable voice which was Harry Carpenter.

What was it about Harry Carpenter that I so remember.. it was probably the fact that he was old skool.

These days commentators are ten a penny, you hear them once and switch them off, especially what's his face, Jonathan Pearce.

Harry was at a time when the UK didn't show much live sports, everything was pre-recorded, way before SKY and ITV. I dunno he just seemed to be on the ball, very thorough, plus he had the compassionate side.

He's probably most famous for the Bruno v Tyson fights, with his legendary cries of...." he's hurt Tyson" as if Tyson was some abnormal fighter.

Bless him.

I loved the coverage of Barry McGuigan v Eusabio Pedroza at Loftus Rd.  25,000 mostly Irish fans cheering their hero onto victory after fifteen rounds.. yes you read right.. fifteen rounds..live on BBC Radio 5.

Most people only associate Harry with boxing like me.  I know he covered tennis and other sports, but boxing is the biggie.

And he's probably most famous for the banter he had with Frank Bruno, some might be biased, I just think he liked big Frank, he just wanted to see him win.

You know what I mean 'arry..

We did.

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