Why Wimbledon Will Always Be The Top Tennis Tournament

Written by Brett Marie
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Every tennis lover knows that Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament. If you are relatively new to the game, you will probably not know it is more than a hundred years old.

The event was first organized in 1877, yet it has the same grandeur and glory more than a century later. Players love the trophy, fans worship the vibe, and celebrities want to be a part of the event year after year. Simply speaking, Wimbledon will always be the top tennis tournament. Let us explain why its glory will never fade.

Wimbledon has the same rules from the start

Although Wimbledon has come of age, nothing much about the tournament rules has changed. It is the only Grand Slam played on grass, and players are not allowed to wear anything but all-white at the event. They have to follow strict etiquette regarding their demeanor on the court, and the same applies to the audience. It is the place to check out if you want to experience the old-world glory of the game!

A section is reserved for Royals

The tournament is grand and glorious by itself, but the presence of the British Royal Family makes it even more special. One side of the court is for the Royals, and you can see them beside your favorite players. Earlier, players had to bow when a member of the family was seated in the area. But things have changed now as they only have to bow when the Queen is present.

You can buy tickets for the same-day match

When it comes to buying Wimbledon tickets, it is the only tennis tournament where you can purchase tickets on the same day of the match. But be ready to stand in an extended queue or even camp overnight to get your turn. However, you can Buy Wimbledon Debenture Tickets directly from debenture holders if you can spend a little more. But the good thing is that you get several premium benefits with this option. You can also try your luck on the public ballot though chances are slim.

No advertisements are allowed in court

No other tennis tournament comes even close to Wimbledon when it comes to classiness. The tournament has no advertisements on the playing field because it does not permit sponsorship signage anywhere. You will not see it across the club's 14 acres and not even on the Centre Court that hosts some of the best matches every year. So it's purely about tennis!

Strawberries and cream will be here forever

If you have been to Wimbledon or even seen it on TV, one thing you cannot miss out on is its favorite dessert. The event would not be itself without strawberries and cream, and they will be here forever. Every year, the grounds witness sales of tonnes of these delicacies as fans relish them with enthusiasm. Remember to sip on a glass of Pimm's to get a complete Wimbledon experience.

Tennis fans have a lot to be excited about when it comes to Wimbledon. Beyond the game itself, you will love the tradition, atmosphere, and the sheer feeling of being here!


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Brett Marie

Brett Marie

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