Premier League Fixtures For Next Season Have Arrived! Everything You Need To Know!

Written by Chris Baxter
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As a football fan, you have probably been waiting for the brand-new fixtures for the upcoming Premier League for a while now since Liverpool clinched the victory last season with 7 games in hand. But with the European championship also being played, this is the year of football on a national and international level. In this article,

we will be providing you with insight into these fixtures and what else you could look forward too.

A Promising Start For Liverpool

As defending champions, Liverpool is starting off on the right foot when it comes to the winning momentum. With a strong squad that is starting a season on a high, it is looking likely that Liverpool could finish within the top five yet again in this upcoming season. When checking out different sites for sports betting, there are several that are putting betting odds higher for Liverpool with them holding onto the title at this time.

However, with many other teams such as Manchester United and Man City as well as Chelsea and Leicester all making amazing transfers in the transfer window, the table can completely change this season. But with the prolonging of the season start for some of the teams who have qualified for the European championship, some are returning to the league much more refreshed than others that are returning.

Leeds To Join The Premier League Line Up

Another huge mix-up that has come with the beginning of this season is Leeds joining the Premier League line up this year. After winning the championship in the last few months, Leeds were able to return to the Premier League line up for this season in spectacular fashion. With a squad that is ready and waiting to go for the season, this is set to be a huge breath of fresh air for the league. Leeds has their first game against, Liverpool on the opening day of the season on the 12th September this year. This is set to be a huge year for the team and who knows, they could finish in the top 10 at the end of this season.

An Extended Break For Those That Qualified For The Euros

With a match between Burnley and Manchester United set to open up the league in 2020/21 season, there is a planned break for the teams such as Manchester United and others that have qualified for the Euros this has meant that some of the matches have been postponed to allow for a week of rest of these teams. This is as a direct response from several games being played back to back and therefore players need to rest.

The First Few Matches Of The Premier League Fixtures

To help you get excited about the upcoming Premier League match-ups, we will be providing you with some of the opening games for you to look forward too. These match-ups are as follows:

• Crystal Palace Vs Southampton
• Fulham Vs Arsenal
• Liverpool Vs Leeds
• Tottenham Vs Everton
• West Bromwich Albion Vs Leicester City
• West Ham United Vs Newcastle United
Each of these is set to be some of the best matches at the beginning to the Premier League that is set to make for an amazing start to the league and make the most amazing opening weekend with champions Liverpool Vs the newcomers Leeds at this time.

What To Look Forward Too This Season

With many looking to see if Liverpool can secure the win this season, there are other teams to look out for. With Manchester City right on the tales of the champions, this season could be the one for them. With a number of transfers being made to the team, the new star players of Manchester City could see them maintaining the top stop as the most popular team in Manchester at this time as the teams go head to head.

With this in mind, there are several elements to look forward to when it comes to the new Premier League regardless of the team you support. Will you be heading to the pub to watch these matches or will you be tuning in to watch from home?

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Chris Baxter

Chris Baxter

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