George Best

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George Best was an artist whose canvas was the grass,
He was simply mesmerising &without much difficulty would put defenders on their ass.
He was perhaps the most gifted player that lived, Bestie had it all,
For he was a genius, a maverick and a legend, he was all that and so much more.

Born in Belfast on 22nd May 1946, he made his Utd debut in 1963, the special one had arrived for everyone to see. The swinging sixties were in full flow and he didn't seem out of place, He was a beacon for every journalist as he filled columns of paper space.

He was European player of the year in 68 when Utd lifted the European Cup,
It wasn't what he did more the way he did it that made the football world sit up.
I guess George lived in the fast lane, but he was different from the rest,
If only he could have gone past nightclubs like did defenders, but that was Georgie Best.

Folklore has it a young Utd fan had to pass the impossible test before St.Peter would let him in, he was to either put the Atlantic Ocean in a bucket or stop Bestie drinking gambling & womanising the choice was up to him.He paused for a moment "how bigs the bucket" he replied, it seemed the easier of the two, for no one could changeBestie not even a string of Miss Worlds so how could me or you.

Many believed George wasted his talent a porter once asked, "where did it all go wrong",
fact his George attained so much during his career and it was poetry in motion when Bestie was on song. Perhaps he could have given us more but what he gave us was special and never to be forgot, This Belfast boy was sent down as a footballing God for the good Lord gave George Best the lot.

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