We Will Never See the Like Again (Brian Clough Remembered 21st March 1935 – 20th September 2004)

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Football fans all over the world woke up on 21st September mourning such a sad and untimely loss,
For Old Big Ead had passed away 24 hrs earlier who in my opinion was football's greatest ever boss. The life of Brian like many other footballing greats began in the North East in Middlesbrough to be precise in 1935 and following a playing career cut short by injury he went into management at the age of 29 and then the legend came alive.

270 goals in 296 games he scored for Boro & Sunderland and was capped by England surprisingly only twice, but he will be remembered most fondly as a manager for Cloughie always added a touch of spice. He started at Hartlepool then to Derby, Brighton ,Leeds and onto Forest where he captured club football's most prestigious prize, Yes, he was a genius though a simple man who believed in simple things and one of football's most eccentric guys.

Clough believed he could walk on water his legions of fans shared that view and he ran his club's his way, And the only place he wasn't made welcome was at Leeds where he left after only a 44-day stay. Yet two Championships with Derby & Forest 4 League Cups and 2 European Cups with two unfashionable teams. That was unique and no one will ever achieve that again it really was the stuff of dreams.

Famed for his green jersey he preached discipline and played the passing game yes Cloughie was the best. Even the press conference to unveil the first million-pound player was delayed at Brian Clough's request. He'd tell his disciples the ball is the tool of your trade learn to love it & it will love you back. And if the F.A had any bottle they'd have given him the England job when Sir Alfred got the sack.

He was more loved in Nottingham than Robin Hood Friar Tuck and all the Merry Men, for what he stood for his mannerisms and his achievements we will never see the like again.
He stood there at the Pearly Gates "morning young man" he said to St Peter "Brian Clough's the name", "Yes I Know" was the answer "God's been keeping your seat warm" heaven was never to be the same.

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