Rude GRL + CC - Like Wow - Reviewed

Written by Matteo Sedazzari
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'Art hurts. Art urges voyages - and it is easier to stay at home' - Poet Gwendolyn Brooks (7th June 1917 – 3rd December 2000)

Regrettably, due to the present circumstances, we are involuntarily housebound. Therefore, uplifting encounters such as live music are few and far between. Yet, in due course, that will change and I am not referring to the government lifting restrictions but the people’s desire to feel and experience life once more, from sports to the arts.

Furthermore, the arts have given many of us the stimulus and optimism needed during these troublesome times. That is why it is so uplifting to see authors, poets, filmmakers and musicians still flourishing during lockdown, like the collective Rude Grl + CC, who are currently making and producing music.

Jenna Dickens is Rude Grl, London born, yet raised in a small town in South Wales, where she experienced racism and homophobia due to her skin colour and for being gay. Nevertheless, the ordeal that Jenna Dickens experienced became her foundation to becoming an artist. In short, Jenna Dickens didn’t succumb to her tormentors, instead, she sought a positive path. This choice has led to Jenna working with Basement Jaxx, as a vocalist, and is now a major driving force behind Rude Grl + CC.

CC is Chris Constantinou, who provides the music. A seasoned and respected musician who has worked closely with Adam Ant during Ant’s 80s solo career, and formed a songwriting partnership with Lou Reed. CC, throughout his career, has always been involved with credible projects.

Bunni Morretto provides backing vocals and is the visual element of this merry trio. Bunni was a sexual freedom award nominee for ‘striptease artist of the year’  & was runner up at Miss Burlesque 2018

Rude Grl + CC  release an EP, Like Wow, on 8th January 2021, produced by Nicholas De Carlo & Chris Constantinou. Moreover, Rude Grl + CC recently won the Best Hip Hop track, for Helen Keller at the PMA Mark awards 2020 held virtually in Los Angeles. 

The title track; Like Wow is a bold and fiery, energetic song, with a foot-stomping beat and catchy yet challenging chorus. Jenna Dickens’ rapid vocals drives this tune like a speeding car in the fast lane, which won’t stop for anyone or anything. CC’s surf like rock guitar riff penetrates throughout the track. Moreover, after 2 minutes and 7 seconds, this musical tour de force is over.

However just as you are catching your breath, the much darker and disturbing track Overkill fades in. Jenna Dickens takes no prisoners with her distinctive fast pace rap vocal style, as CC’s distorted guitar heightens this anxious track. Educated guess this was the objective of Rude Grl + CC, to make the listener nervous.

The third and final track, before the remixes, is Let Go, which begins like an epic and soulful pop song, before descending into a commanding rap about the racism that Jenna Dickens encountered. The two contrasting genres, pop, and Hip Hop works well together.

The Like Wow EP indicates as a whole that Rude Grl + CC know how to write and structure a striking song, with a fast rap vocal line, mesmerizing guitar licks, a solid rhythm section with a catchy chorus that urges the listener to go on a journey of self-discovery or exploration or both, and not to stay at home, lockdown or not.


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Matteo Sedazzari

Matteo Sedazzari

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