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Lucky UK - Amy Rigby is on tour here (with assistance from her husband Wreckless Eric).

Written by Daisy Hulme
If this tour had a name it would be "The antidote to the end of the world doom and gloom blues tour."
Backstage story: For some reason Amy, (and I can't remember WHY she was booked to play Hull but she was booked to play HULL). Yes! This American girl from NYC, Brooklyn, and Nashville and Ohio (she moved around, but I met her when she lived across the street from me in Brooklyn last century), comes to the UK to play HULL.

Amy sets up for soundcheck and it JUST so happens that the guy doing the soundcheck is a mate of Wreckless Eric. Wreckless Eric JUST HAPPENS to be in HULL visiting. Amy just happens to soundcheck a song by Wreckless Eric called "The Whole Wide World." The sound man phones Eric to tip him off:

Sound man: "Mate, there's this American singer here going to do your song later."

Eric: Really?

Sound man: Yeah, come down and hear her.

Eric: All right, I will.

LATER: Amy on stage with Eric close by, moves the capo on her guitar and says something like, "I'm going to sing a song by someone else now, it's called The Whole Wide World," and Eric says out loud something like, "Not in that key you're not."

Amy: Oh yes I am.

Eric: Oh no you're not.

Amy: But I like this key.

Eric: But you would sound better if you sang it in (names key).

Amy sings song. It sounds great.

LATER: Eric assumes Amy has a boyfriend. Amy assumes Eric has a girlfriend.

Cutting the long story short: they actually meet up and get together and get married and now they're on tour and sing together and it's great. It's magical even. But most of all it's authentic, real-life, heart-tugging, heart-warming stuff that comes from out of the Milky Way or somewhere. I have no idea how they do it...

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