Spectrum and Moon Duo head Copenhagen Psych Fest 2016

Written by Michael Bogojevic ( Solarised Productions)
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Summer is here and that means festival time and once again the Copenhagen ( Denmark) Psych Fest kicks out another great line-up for one of Europe's best up and coming Psych Fest.
ZANI caught up with the organiser, Kasper Henneberg Fjord, on line-ups, influences and what's about on the Copenhagen music scene.

ZANI : Hi and thanks for talking to ZANI . What bands were you influenced by growing up? ( and why?)

Kasper:I was very influenced by early Pink Floyd. I bought The Dark Side of the Moon when I was 8 years old. My friend and I had been listening to his big brothers Pink Floyd-album and I knew I had to buy it.

Later I became interested in the Danish psych band Baby Woodrose. They had a great hit on their album Money for Soul. Their sound was very retro and compared to general Danish music scene at the time their sound was very autentic. I met up with the frontman of Baby Woodrose (who is also in front of Spids Nøgenhat, who’s playing at Copenhagen Psych Fest) and he gave me a list of albums to listen to.

In that way I got to listen to Cold Sun with Dark Shadows. And that’s how I for real got psych hooked, so to speak.

ZANI : The music you was exposed to in Denmark, was it from mainly the UK, Europe or USA? Which country/ city/ genre would you say influences yourself and Copenhagen's music scene?

Kasper: I’d say we’re mainly exposed to music from the US and Denmark.

When you talk about psych I think the main influence came from the sound of Austin, Texas around the 60’s and the scene around Monster Magnet, Hawkwind and the stoner-psych scene in generel. Dead Moon is also very important.

ZANI : Is Copenhagen a Psych city or is it known for Techno, Metal, for example? Which are the best gig venues?

Kasper: A few people have done Psych for almost 30 years and now it’s blooming and coming. The best psych scene in Copenhagen must be Loppen, Christiania, which has always been supporting the blooming psych scene.

Bands like Baby Woodrose, On Trial, Dragontears, Spids Nøgenhat were the front runners of creating a psych community. But Copenhagen is generally not a totally Psych city, not yet at least.

ZANI : Have you ever been in bands? Are you in a band at the moment or just Events Organisers?

Kasper: I started in a Pavement coverband, then I moved into noise rock, became interested i space rock and improvisation, then I started a new band, went into dreamy garagerock, and now I’m in a space punk band called Måneskjold, where I play guitar.

ZANI : You are about to start Copenhagen Psych Fest and have a great line up, with Moon Duo and Spectrum on the line-up, how excited are you with these great bands?

Kasper: As much as we enjoy the international line up, we are just as proud of the Scandinavian line up. We think the great exposure to the blooming Scandinavian Psych scene is a very important part of the festivals DNA.

ZANI : To set up a Psych Fest, what type of issues do you have to cover, for example, are venues easy or difficult to book in the city?

Kasper: As a DIY organisation it can be difficult, but it has so far been a joy beyond imagination.

ZANI : Who or how did you create the idea of a Psych Fest for the city, was Austin Psych Fest, for example, a big influence?

Kasper: Austin Psych is our main inspiration, but really the goal was more abput creating a platform for the underground scene and underground psych audience.

ZANI : Which Spectrum and Moon Duo/ Wooden Shjips tracks do you enjoy, which have inspired you? ( and why)

Kasper: ”Motor Bike” by Wooden Shijps.

”How You Satisfy Me” by Spectrum. It’s a shoegazer classic.

I also like the catchiness of ”Sleepwaker” by Moon Duo. It makes psych accessible for psych-outsiders You don’t need be high to listen to this, it’s all about dreaming and closing your eyes.

ZANI : Any bands from the Copenhagen Psych Fest (not Headliners) do you suggest; any bands to look out for in the future?

Kasper: I’d recommend the Danish kraut rock band Papir, they deserve more attention – and has a great international potential.

Also , it’s worth to take a listen to Deadpan Interference.

With a passion like this for promoting and music, that Kasper has, it's clear to see why Copenhagen Psych Fest is gaining ground and is attracting great bands such as Spectrum, Moon Duo, The Telescopes, The Janitors, White Hills, The Wands...to name a few!...and give Denmark the type of Psych Fest that it deserves......thanks Austin AKA Levitation Festival!

The Copenhagen Psych Fest is on the 13th-16th July. Click on Facebook for ticket and venue info https://www.facebook.com/events/1525161897809507/

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Michael Bogojevic ( Solarised Productions)

Michael Bogojevic ( Solarised Productions)

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