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‘All or Nothing ‘ Musical Reviewed

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Mod radio has had the privilege and honour of being a part of the long awaited ‘All or Nothing’ musical based on the, strive for success by the mighty Small Faces band.
The last four months Mod radio has conducted many interviews with script writer Carol Harrison, actor Chris Simmons and the incredible PP Arnold to assist Carol’s dream become a stage production reality. Carol attributes much to Mollie Marriott’s expertize as creative consultant (with who Mod radio has an interview pending).

Last Friday the 8th of April, Carols determination and integrity was rewarded with the press/gala evening of the ‘All or Nothing’ musical being hailed a great success.

The Vaults theatre is a unique location and snug venue, although this musical would be the same enthralling show in any situ- nothing could detract from the stunning performance we witnessed, which held a captivated audience.

A major part of the production was the perfect casting of Chris Simmons holding court as the older Steve Marriott, complementing the perfect acting skills of the young Marriott proved genius. The performance of Carol herself playing the exasperated mother of Steve was managed and delivered with witty, gritty, and beguiling humour.

The progressive story of a group of lads striving to be taken seriously as a professional band whilst coping with underhand management activities was intriguing, gripping and informative. What an industry those lads fought and patience did prove a virtue as the ‘Small Faces’ are legendary.

Would Mod radio watch this musical again? Of course, many, many times for the talent, brilliant scripting, casting and enthusiasm created during this performance was acting at its finest.

Congratulations Carol the ultimate proof is in the pudding – nationwide here this musical comes.
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