The Mess We’re In – Polly Jean Harvey

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English Rose, Polly Jean Harvey, shines her light bright as she offers a glimpse of what we can expect from her ninth studio album,
The Hope Demolition Project and married to the rawness of Semus Murphys visuals it's clear that nothing can go awry. So, why is the song Community of Hope awakening several Washington DC whiners? As an American I'll tell you one thing. I think PJ Harvey hit the nail on the head, dead on. She told her truth through the eyes of an associate that was travelling with her through a place called Ward 7. Ward 7 exist in Washington DC. PJ then married those stories to what she took in with her own eyes. I don't know about you but if a government is going to name an area "Ward 7" then they should expect someone to write about it. Personally, I'm thrilled thatPJ has shed more light on this subject matter as it's true, more of us need to be talking about how our system and capitalism has failed so that we can find solutions.

Sure, there may be other places in America that have stronger examples, starker contrasts than Ward 7 yet I still find PJ's message to be perfectly clear. Ward 7 surrounds the seat of our United States congress and what better place to focus on the subject than our nations capitol? Not to mention that PJ's creations are a work of art, not a policy position. Yeah, “They’re gonna put a Walmart here." 

So what about all this whining about? Well just ask DC Mayor, Vincent Gray. His description of PJ's song Community Of Hope as "an inane composition," is bullshit, inc. It really puts him up there with the pantheon of people that judge pieces of art even when they have not actually taken the time to listen. Seriously, "Inane composition?" What a woefully inaccurate description.

Meanwhile, Grays campaign treasurer described PJ as, "being to music what Piers Morgan is to cable news," what an ignorant douche canoe, very worthy of Trump. This idiot must have missed all Semus' profound, visual footage including the ending where the birds fly away. I'm not sure but I believe that one clip paints the importance of how nature and the environment are also affected by deprived communities. Come on cockwomble, the visuals throughout were done in such a gentle way particularly in contrast to the shots of sterile office spaces and soldiers. Oh and most importantly, PJ's presence on this earth will continue to shake the ground so fasten your seat belt because it's already a bumpy ride and this time a part of that ride includes America. 

Who knows, perhaps the song meshed with Semus' shots of the church congregation, the children playing in the sunlight and the choir are reflecting on what a 'Community of Hope' might be. I don't know, only PJ can offer us that.

I know but I don't care
Then I know but I don't see
Now I see but I don't know
I care but I don't care

I do, however, know this. I live in America and they also put a fucking Walmart down my community street. This is no vision of hope, don't be fooled, this has been a part of Americas death sentence; corporations along with corrupt government are the number one beneficiaries for welfare in America today. Walmart stores are not a remedy to uplift any impoverished community. The Walton family better wake up. We, the people, are coming to take our country back. 
Here’s the Hope Six Demolition Project

Switching down the Benning Road
The well-known “pathway of death”
At least that’s what I’m told
And here’s the one sit-down restaurant
In Ward Seven, nice
OK, now this is just drug town, just zombies
But that’s just life....
(closing lyrics)
They’re gonna put a Walmart here
They’re gonna put a Walmart here
They’re gonna put a Walmart here

In other news London calls out The Clash over "London Calling" ... "London is not calling, nor has it ever called. It's a city, inanimate. It cannot call. Get a grip, Clash," a mayoral spokesperson once said. And we must not forget that the street traders association who attacked The Jam over bomb slur; "Paul Weller, there's no "A-bomb" in Wardour street, nor has there ever been. Please revise your song lyrics," said spokesman Jim Folperton. 

Take it in as you will as I do believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and, I also believe that every artist has the right, if not a duty, to reflect the world as they see it. Power to the people and a continuance of that power to my favorite born Dorset woman and artist, Polly Jean Harvey.‪ The album was recorded at London's Somerset House earlier this year during open recording sessions which the public could attend.

The Hope Six Demolition Project‬ will be released April 15, 2016. GET IN.
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