Why Playing Musical Instruments Is Good for You?

Written by Ian Park
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In these trying times, people are in the face of struggles and difficulties. The daily repetition of routines can be highly frustrating at some point, and it will be helpful if you consider trying something new to help you cope up and deal with the challenges in life.

One creative and meaningful way for you to try is playing musical instruments like cello, piano, and guitar. It has been proven that it offers a never-ending number of benefits to people.

Reasons to Play a Musical Instrument

Good for your brain

Like any other muscle in our body, the brain is also a muscle that needs to be strengthened with the help of exercise. The brain is the most important muscle in our body, and you need to know how to train it and enhance it. One great way to exercise our brain is by playing musical instruments. Many studies have proven that it helps stimulate the brain and improve the cognitive ability of a person.

Relieves stress

Playing musical instruments is also a meaningful way for a person to relax and relieve themselves from stress. It is undeniable that music soothes and calms the mind as it releases happy hormones in our blood when we listen or play music, thus, effectively help relieve and escape a person from stress.
Builds confidence

Mastering a beginner cello, for example, isn't easy and will require patience and perseverance. So when a person is able to finally master and can successfully play a musical instrument, it helps build their confidence. Just like when a person is ecstatic when achieving something, playing musical instruments can also bring overwhelming happiness, eventually developing confidence.

Can make you creative

Creativity is one of the best results that can be stimulated when playing musical instruments. Not to mention, playing one uses almost every part of your brain to have divergent thinking. It helps you explore new ways to play your instrument and even create techniques of your own.

Musical instruments you can play


A guitar is the most popular stringed musical instrument with a fretted fingerboard, which usually composed of six strings, played by plucking or strumming with the help of a pick or fingers.


A cello or also known as violoncello is a bass-stringed musical instrument with four (4) strings usually played in orchestras. It belongs to the violin family but to be able to play this instrument it should be held upright on the floor between the legs of the seated player.


Ukulele is a small four (4) stringed musical instrument made from wood. It typically resembles that of a small classical guitar. It is also a versatile instrument used in different music genres.


A piano is a keyboard musical instrument made from a wooden case enclosing the soundboard and metal strings. A piano will produce sounds by striking the strings with hammers


Even though much research and intellectual people are discussing the benefits of playing an instrument, it would still be fantastic if you get to try it on your own because it is indeed a fun hobby to do so. You can fill your life with different hobbies, and it will be incredible to include musical instruments in them.

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Ian Park

Ian Park

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