The Games You Need To Make Christmas Better Than The Rest OF 2020

Written by JR Hartley
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When it comes to Christmas this year, it’s fair to say things are going to be a little different. With many of the usual activities, such as a trip to the pantomime or cinema perhaps off-limits,

then it’s up to ourselves to create the entertainment we need to make Christmas an enjoyable one. After the year we’ve had, we certainly need it!

 It’s going to be a Christmas of DIY entertainment, and making the most of more traditional games while sitting around the dinner table, and below you’ll find some of our favourite games to keep you entertained across the festive period…



Board games are going to be big this year and across lockdown, there has been a huge rise in sales.

According to CNN, there has been a huge rise in the sales of board games and that’s expected to continue during the holiday season. When it comes to board games, Monopoly is the ultimate. It’s been around for around 100 years now and there are versions all over the world. Whether you’re in London, New York, or any other capital or major city, there will be a Monopoly board for you, and what’s more, it is fun for all the family!


You won’t find many games that offer more fun than bingo and with so many ways to play it these days you really can’t go wrong. Online these days, you’ll find a wide variety of online bingo games and also a thriving community, with chat functions allowing you to engage with players wherever they are.

Many people who live alone have really benefited from this during lockdown and that will certainly be the case over the Christmas period if people are forced to isolate.

Alternatively, there’s also the opportunity to make your own version of bingo, with it one of the easiest games to put together in DIY form. That’s because all you really need is a set of pens, some bingo cards, which can be easy to make, and some form of system to draw numbers - which could even be some folded paper and a hat!

Add some prizes up for grabs and it can be a great way to spend half an hour over the Christmas period.


 What is the most traditional Christmas game?

Created with QuizMaker

There are many games that are traditionally associated with Christmas and charades are certainly one. It’s a game that requires very little resource, and what’s more, will transfer to the likes of video calling perfectly should you need to connect with people elsewhere given the circumstances.

The game involves players having to guess a word, phrase, or element of popular culture with the player having to offer clues without using their voice. It’s a game that requires plenty of mime and hand waving and is perfect for playing on the likes of Zoom, as well as the comfort of your own living room.

That’s as well as games such as Pictionary, which again can be enjoyed virtually and with as many players as you wish, meaning everyone can get involved.

Murder Mystery

The murder mystery is always fun at Christmas, and while Cluedo is the original game, and one we’d all recommend playing, you can also take it to the next level and create your very own murder mystery.

There are tons of kits online to get you started, and by creating your own version without a board, you can involve family via video link to get everyone involved.

How they work is you have one person who runs the mystery, with everyone else given characters. It is then up to the players to uncover which person was the murderer. It’s incredibly fun and with people having to be more inventive than ever to have fun with people through technology, it could be a game that really makes your Christmas!


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