The Best Movies About Blackjack

Written by Chris Baxter
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Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular card games around. It’s played by millions of people every day in various settings. And its popularity has grown beyond the game in many respects. Blackjack has influenced multiple areas of entertainment, such as movies, and there are some excellent films with the game at heart.

The Last Casino

The Last Casino tells the story of a professor who is battling to keep his head afloat financially. As a professor, he has skills which he can pass on to others, and this comes in handy as he specialises in mathematics. The professor sees a way out of his problems by beating casinos, but due to his band from venues in Ontario and Quebec, he teaches three of his students card counting so they can carry out work on his behalf. The aim is, of course, to amass enough cash to clear the debts riddling him.


Croupier, a film directed by Mike Hodges, is a movie about an interesting character called Jack Manfred. By day, Manfred is a writer, but by night, he’s a croupier working at a casino. Manfred has a girlfriend named Marion, but his aims in life disillusion her. However, Jani de Villiers, a stunning South African, comes onto the scene, and Manfred begins an affair with her. She has a plan to defraud the casino, and it presents Manfred with an opportunity as he could operate as the inside man.

The Hot Shoe

Anyone who has played one of the many types of blackjack will know that card counting has been the route to success for many players around the world. Many blackjack players have used these skills with The Hot Shoe delving deep into why. And it looks at the technique's history. Exciting case studies involving players such as Andy Bloch, Peter Griffin and Tommy Hyland feature, as do interviews with authorities from the casino industry.

Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians

You don’t necessarily associate religion with gambling, and this is why Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians is a compelling watch. This film kicks off by telling of how Ben Crawford and Colin Jones, both of devout Christian families, were eager to find a way of earning more money. Gambling became their method of choice and taking money off casinos was a way of validating their actions. Before they know it, they form and operate a blackjack team, and the members all have card counting skills. In a five-year run, the Holy Rollers take venues for millions of dollars.

The four movies above all offer a great insight into blackjack as a game and have something for everyone. There’s the opportunity to see things from players and croupiers point of views. And a chance to learn more and understand why card counting became so popular and so successful over the years.

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Chris Baxter

Chris Baxter

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