Guide to the Best Alternative Football Betting Markets

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Placing a bet on a football game can be a lot more exciting than just simply picking who will win the game.

For newcomers, this is certainly the best place to start but as you progress with your betting, there are many other alternative markets that you can use as you bet.

These either offer a different way to bet, or the chance of winning more money by adding more complex parts to your wager in return for better odds. From nostalgic matches to those lesser known, different betting markets are available for you to use.

If you are looking for a different way to bet on football and want some tips then here are some alternative betting markets you can use next time you place a wager.

Correct Score & Goal Scorer Betting

These are commonly used markets, but perhaps still not known by everyone. If you are looking to place a fun bet and want to do so at bigger odds than you will find in the 90-minute market then these two are some of the best to look at.

Correct score betting allows you to place a bet on what the score will be while goalscorer betting covers markets such as the first goal, last goal, to score at any time and to score two or three goals.

With a no deposit offer, new customers don’t need to deposit any money to place a bet on the correct score or a goal scorer, which gives new gamblers the chance to try markets like these.

Both correct score betting and goalscorer betting have been around for many years but they still offer great value to punters who are searching for something a little different in an upcoming game.

Goals, Cards & Corners

Stats betting is something that has grown rapidly over the course of the past decade. This type of betting, where you don’t actually need to predict who will win the game, is what a lot of people want.

When it comes to stats, goals, cards and corners are the three main markets you can use. There are others but these are smaller, the main three are covered by pretty much every bookmaker.

When it comes to these markets, you will find an over/under market that you can use, or you will find alternative versions such as ‘to score three or more’, ‘team to have 1+ cards’ or ‘who will have the most corners’.

The depth in stats betting has never been as good as it is now. There is a lot of recent information you can use to decide how you want to bet, for example team goal stats can help you with any bets on the goals line.

Will an Incident Happen?

These markets are based around a specific incident and whether you think that will happen in the game. Again, they offer a way of betting where you don’t have to predict who will win the game.

When we are talking about this type of betting we are looking at markets such as ‘will the team keep a clean sheet’, will a penalty be awarded’, ‘will there be extra time’ and other markets like these.

The question has two possible answers which are yes or no, and these are the options that you can bet on. Again you can use recent games to help you decide how you want to be.

If a team looks good defensively and they are going up against a team who struggles to score, a clean sheet could be on the cards. This is probably the most popular market of this type, and the easiest to have an opinion on.


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