Could Gaming and Gambling Help Fight Obesity?

Written by Chris Baxter
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For a long time, video games have been held in ill-regard when it comes to fitness. The tired and often entirely incorrect cliché of an overweight person doing nothing but sitting still and playing Nintendo is a story as old as time itself. Interestingly though, the world of today is one that is increasingly taking video games in the opposite direction.

Taking a look back at the origins of this path into the contemporary gaming and gambling world, might it just be possible to push the old cliché in the other direction?

Some of the earliest implementations of gaming-based fitness systems came in the form of pedometers. By simply measuring steps, these systems allowed characters in games to level up, find items, or otherwise grow more powerful.

Today, these systems are continued through the inclusion of pedometers on mobiles, and the development of augmented reality games. The primary difference between modern systems and those which came before lie in the cooperative and competitive nature. By giving people a community to play with and against, a whole new level of appeal opened up, raising the bar of success significantly.


This doesn't need to be direct gaming either, as we have seen in the gamification of exercise systems like the Fitbit. With a Fitbit exercisers can gain badges to mark their progress, which while seemingly small, can add a great deal to feelings of overall progression and success. 

Taking advantage of other aspects of mobile technology, it could be possible to extend the reach of this exercise to another realm entirely. There are those of us who don’t care for traditional exercise apps, for whatever reason. In this case, we’ve seen people find success in creating their own personal exercise reward systems based on another type of gaming, mobile gambling.

It seemed an unusual union to us at first, but after further consideration, the combination made a lot of sense. Exercise tends to take a long time to pay off, so many people turn to short-term rewards to keep engaged in smaller bursts. In what we’ve seen, casino games can be a great fit in this regard.

For example, set a destination or goal on a walking route. A good idea here would be to end in a park, or some other comfortable and pleasant environment. The concept is that only once a player arrives can they play a couple of the latest bingo games online or some similar reward. There are rooms from Age of the Gods to Housey to choose, plus a range of ball numbers to suit a player that's in a hurry and well as one that's not, so each user can, relax, play, and then head home once they're done.

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Chris Baxter

Chris Baxter

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