How Brexit Will Affect Bingo Companies

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Whether you voted for or against Brexit, the British exit from the European Union, it feels like an end-game is in sight. At the time of writing, the UK and EU governments are meeting constantly to try and find a deal before a UK exit on the 31st October, 2019.

One thing that confuses many people, though, is what the industry impacts will be. With so little known about Brexit and its consequences, industries such as online gaming are beginning to worry.

What, though, do we know about how Brexit will impact on bingo companies?

With the rise of bingo in the UK both online and offline once again, many people aren’t too sure what the future will hold for being able to shout “HOUSE!”. While the information is as thin on the ground here as it is for most other industries, we’ve tried to piece together what kind of information we can find about what Brexit will do to the local bingo industry. So, what can you expect to see change if/when Brexit happens?

The uncertainty is stifling

The main thing that we know is that nobody knows what will happen. Other tech industries like this, though, are beginning to worry that Brexit might bring the worst changes possible. It’s already been seen as a major negative within the video games industry, and concerns exist that we could see a bit of a sell-off when it comes to the online bingo industry and offline bingo industries when Brexit actually takes places.

Mainland presence could decline

You might need to get used to playing your bingo online on sites like, though, as it’s expected that mainland influence could fall down for many of the major bingo hosts. This would be a major blow, as it could be quite a kick in the teeth to a game that has already enjoyed a strong revival in the last few years
One thing to keep in mind, though, is that nobody knows for certain. Like everything else in Brexit, the answers that are being given have to be taken with a pinch of salt and uncertainty.

Could we see more gaming and gambling?

Of course, we have one major alternative here: gaming and gambling could see a massive boon. Given the legislative debates that take place over UK casino gaming, it’s easy to see why some could see Brexit actually boost the industry. With the deregulation that could take place, more and more bingo sites could get involved in the country – potentially creating more jobs, not less.

How Brexit will affect bingo companies 2

Online gaming could get easier

One thing to note is that online bingo gaming might get easier, with more competition likely to appear. With the UK likely to pull out of many of the treaties the EU has them part of, including their fight to make online gambling and online bingo far more regulated, this could mean that more companies get involved in the UK bingo scene.

At the moment, nobody is really sure what the future holds. For now, the prognosis appears to be as equally positive as it does bleak. Like anything else with Brexit, it’s a wait and see issue. It’s not greatly comforting, but it’s the way of many industries at present.

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