How Casinos Have Evolved Over the Years

Written by Chris Baxter
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When casinos were first launched, they were, unsurprisingly, brick and mortar buildings. Players would have to visit them during opening hours in order to play the games. Fast forward to today, and we now can play online roulette with live dealers from our sofas. The development of the casino is fascinating and has evolved in response to customer preference.

The Instant Gratification Generation

Often seen as a negative, the youngest cohort of adults across the developed world have become known as the instant gratification generation (IGG) wanting and needing everything right here, right now. This is evidenced by online shopping, same-day delivery and the demise of the high street as everything seems to rely on the internet and technology. This means companies have to offer online services to stay alive.

On the High Street

A visit to the casino used to be seen as something of a novelty and a treat. To be honest, this still remains the case for most people when it comes to places like the Las Vegas Strip. Casinos in most towns and countries lost reputation and became grotty, seedy places with only big companies having the money to keep an upmarket facility, and this of course only worked with the clientele to support it. Cities fared best, but other than that, physical casinos started to lose favour.

CGI Games

When the concept of internet-based casinos first became a reality, software developers worked with what they had, which was computer-generated graphics. These have dramatically improved in clarity and design skill over the years and still remain popular. Using random number generators to determine the outcomes, players are able to interact with the images and create the illusion of playing the games. This worked fine, but with advancements in technology was never going to be the endpoint for online casinos. This changed the availability of casinos to a 24/7 business and people could take part whenever they want without leaving their homes.

Live Dealer Games

The most recent step in online gaming technology for the casino industry has been the advent of live dealer games. Using a real-time stream, software companies replicated the casino inside a studio. Professional croupiers are on hand to play the games, and the players watch the feed and use the interactive betting mat on screen. This has been described as fully immersive as interaction with the dealer, and the real equipment gives it an ‘in-person’ feel as if sat at the tables of Vegas.

The Future

So where next for the casino industry? Well, it seems the next step will be the virtual reality casino, which is currently starting to make an appearance. At the moment this requires users
to have extra equipment which doesn't always suit the IGG, so in order to become the next big thing VR that does not need headsets and gloves will have to be cracked, but we are sure this won’t take the best developers long to achieve.

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Chris Baxter

Chris Baxter

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