Board: Your Favourite Games That Went Digital

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In most British households are piles of ageing boardgames waiting to be played. They might be squashed into the cupboard under the stairs, in a spare room or hiding in the attic. They come out once a year for a bit of family board gaming and you remember how much fun you had playing them together.

With the board game cafe trend extending beyond hipsters and into the general public, it is becoming easier than ever to play your favourite games. This nostalgia for our favourite games has extended into the digital world and now most classic board games are available to play online.

Scrabble lovers will probably be familiar with Words with Friends. The app allows users to play a game similar to Scrabble with friends and users all over the world. Due to the population taking a keen interest in health, Words With Friends has become a favourite since it was discovered that solving regular linguistic puzzles could reverse minor brain damage caused by alcohol or smoking, per: If you're looking for something a little more grown up to enjoy, Paddy Power ( have converted a host of table games into virtual gaming opportunities. There's a wide range of games, and many offer a twist on the traditional, such as the classic European roulette.

For more invested gamers, a Dungeons and Dragons game is no longer limited to meeting your close friends and piling around the kitchen table. The vintage game, which was created by two friends, has been immortalised in digital form, resulting in a mass multiplayer online game which allows users to interact with D&D fans from all over the world and has also seen regular updates, per: The game follows similar rules to the table game and players can pick their characters and go on a quest through fantasy realms. The online version of the game has prompted users to post game playing content on Youtube, which has served to reignite interest in the original game.

Family favourite Monopoly has been dividing siblings for decades. From the moment the character pieces are picked, family means nothing and it is all out war to own as much of London as possible. Inevitably, the game never ends until someone loses their cool and flips the board over, but now there is an easier way to play which will ensure that will keep that sibling rivalry in check. EA Games has devised a digital version of the game, giving hot-headed siblings a way to play which keeps the board intact.

Digital gaming is supporting the analogue world, and as new ways of playing entice a new audience into their worlds, then analogue is sure to have a comeback. Perhaps its time to dig out the old games from under the stairs or, if you're still not speaking to your siblings after that last game of Monopoly, then it might just be better to log on to the computer.

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