We No Longer Live in an Offline World

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The internet has changed the world we live in. That’s a statement we’ve all heard and, possibly, even said in the past. However, when you stop and think about it, the reality goes way beyond a catchy soundbite. When you take stock of the industries that have been reshaped by the internet, the results are staggering.
According to the stats, Millennials spend 223 minutes each day on their mobile, while Gen Z are active online for 250 minutes. Beyond that, a 2015 study by the International Telecommunication Union showed that 3.2 billion people are connected to the internet. Put simply, more people are now spending more time online than ever.

Movies and More Make the Move Online

For anyone with a business, this is clearly the space to operate in. Naturally, for tech-based ventures, the internet is the natural playground. However, what’s most interesting is how industries that were previously offline have migrated to the online arena. Before the internet, who would have thought that more people would watch the latest releases via Netflix rather than go to a movie theatre. Today, Netflix has 118 million subscribers and, more interestingly, it now produces more original content than leading studios like Disney and Warner Bros.

Beyond movies, gaming has also taken on a distinctly online vibe in recent years. When Beldon Katleman opened the El Rancho Vegas casino in 1941, little did he know what was to follow. And, as a new millennium dawned, software developers found a way to take traditional casino games and digitise them. Using complex algorithms to ensure games were random and fair, the industry blossomed into a $51 billion empire. In the UK alone, more people play casino games online than they do offline. Because of that, operators are set-up to cater to all types of players. For example, novices can take advantage of blackjack promotions from Betfair Casino and get extra credits when they play. Using these bonuses, players can essentially lower their risk and play for less. The end result is that online casinos have become more accessible and appealing to casual gamers.

Online Entities Open Up New Things to New Demographics

"Online shopping - Credit to https://tool" (CC BY 2.0) by Toolstotal

Yes, just as Netflix hasn’t totally killed off movie theatres, live casinos are still thriving. However, the balance of power has shifted. Today, people tend to play online first and, if it’s convenient, visit an offline venue. In fact, the same is true of the retail sector. Just as the internet has moved the goalposts for movies and gaming, it’s done the same for shopping. Amazon is among the biggest companies in the world. In 2017 alone, the company’s sales increased by 31%, taking its annual revenue to £124.6 billion. Even if you compare that to Tesco’s annual earnings, Amazon is more than twice as big. Basically, in order to compete, retailers are having to close shops and move more of their operations online.

Convenience is the main reason for the shift. However, it goes deeper than that. When you buy a pair of jeans online, you don’t get to try them on as you do in the real world. This isn’t particularly convenient. So, there must be other reasons why we prefer to shop online. Discounts and promotions are clearly important, as is choice. Beyond that, it’s simply become part of our nature. Whenever we think of anything, whether it’s entertainment or something else, our minds always turn to the internet first. “Can you find that online?” In today’s world, the answer is almost inevitably "yes" and that’s the real reason the internet has changed the world.

Top Image - "FeatherNet Extended" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by control9.lcme
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