Scottish Football Music & Drugs! Where Did All The Love Go Part 3

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Drugs have been around forever, natural cures used by tribal Amazon natives all the way to the Chinese for thousands of years. Born in 1975 my first recollection of the mere mention of drugs was my dad explaining he smoked ‘ dope’ once and all it did was knock him off the park bench after 3 puffs. More partial to a day on the piss, dope didn’t appeal to my dad.

My next involvement with drugs was as an 11-year-old helping a local punk pick Magic Mushrooms by the thousand. £5 for helping and a warning ‘ don’t eat any you’re too young. This fell on deaf ears though as I pocketed a handful, roughly about 50. Curious I Ate them all that night & locked my room as the, what cam only be described as you can’t describe it till you try it, crazy as fuck hit. Thankfully my small amount wore off but the feeling after it was awful. Three years later and the Madchester era & clubbing scene exploded. Thousands of clubbers high on pills, life and love. Microdots, blotters, £20 China whites & a selection of the finest hash not to mention the quality amphetamine that flooded and spoiled a generation. I loved my LSD though as I stopped clubbing preferring gigs & trips down Dunnikier golf course on the finest ( try and avoid all straight people when on it ) blotters ( LSD )

Overnight the lowest of the low-grade soap bar that couldn't get a fly high flooded Scotland. Regular cleaner bits of hash disappeared. Rocky, real Pollen, sticky golf ball black, gold & red seal, Afghan black. Even Lebanese & Slate disappeared and they like soap bar couldn’t get a fly high.

When Ketamine appeared in ecstasy pills that was it for me. Why change it if it isn’t broken? Way too headfucking which isn’t really surprising as it’s a bloody horse tranquilliser. I believe all recreational drugs should be legal and controlled.I'm well aware of the pain of losing someone to addiction. If he was able to get it from an official source things might have been different. You only have to research the income the USA have brought into the country to realise its a no-brainer as far as medical marijuana is concerned. Billions of dollars and thousands of jobs created, previously prevented by a system run by self-centred, greedy governments. A bit like the UK who allegedly are the biggest exporters of medical marijuana, the company owned by the husband of a politician in parliament. The War On Drugs? The War On Terror? It’s a bit like Ernie Walkers ( Part 1 of the article )think tank. Both two manufactured endless wars and a think tank that’s actually in time produced the worst Scotland team I’ve ever seen.

Drugs? Here’s my opinion on drugs. How many people do you know over 60 with a Monday to Sunday pill box full of pharmaceutical drugs? I know dozens but do they really need them? I understand some do but my experience tells me otherwise. Twelve years ago I was waking up feeling sick most mornings before work with trapped wind. A visit to the doctor I was prescribed an anti-reflux pill among several similar types. Soon after taking them I started suffering excruciating knee pains, to the point I was barely able to walk downstairs. Another visit to my Gp he then prescribed me a strong painkiller. That’s when I lost faith in them and researched my condition and side effects of the two prescriptions I’d received from my Gp. To my amazement, my severe knee pain was a sideffect from the anti-reflux pills. The moment I stopped taking the pills and changed my diet both conditions disappeared. I asked three GPS a number of questions one of which was ‘ are you just a legal drug dealer?to which they all had no answer to. That’s drugs in a nutshell for me. Guinea pigs for a billion dollar industry out of control. Fuck the War On Drugs and Terror, it should be a War on the sick corrupt tax dodging paedophiles.

 Click on this link for tips on passing medical tests regarding drugs.

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