Small Changes You Can Start Now To Improve Your Lifestyle  

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As the days begin to get shorter and the nights colder, it’s easy to come down with a case of the post-summer blues. However, instead of letting memories of sunny beaches and lunchtime cocktails get you down, why not try some small changes that could significantly improve your everyday life? You don’t need to wait until next summer to start living your best life! 

Bedtime Routine

You wouldn’t head to work wearing yesterday's make-up, so why would you wear it to bed? Treating your bedtime routine with as much importance as your morning one can make for a better night’s sleep. Reducing your screen time allows time for the brain to relax and reflect, while removing make-up and your daily lenses allows the body to refresh. If your mornings are often hectic, then overnight lenses might be for you. Combine your lenses with the use of the kinds of eyedrops available from Vision Direct and other eyecare companies to keep your eyes fresher at work, and you'll feel the difference in both your eye health and your overall wellbeing.


Decluttering doesn’t just apply to your home. This can also be applied to your personal life, your work environment and even your online presence. A basic rule of decluttering is that if an object doesn’t have a use or bring you joy, then there is no need for it. This is a great mantra to apply to your social media accounts. By only following accounts that bring positivity to your life and unfollowing those negative ones, you can simply yet effectively improve your day.

Carrying a notebook can benefit your for a multitude of reasons. First of all, it can help to declutter your mind and schedule tasks that may otherwise be forgotten. Secondly, it’s thought that using a notebook can improve your creativity. Reminders of that cafe where you observed something interesting or the best time of year to visit your local park are all potential inspirations for musicians, artists, poets, and even folk simply wanting a relaxing place to visit. Lastly, simply reminders of day-to-day tasks help to organise your lifestyle - where you found cheap contact lenses online for example, or perhaps the next big sale at your favourite clothing retailer. Despite the age of computing, the good old classic notebook is still essential.

Eat lunch outside

Don’t sit at your desk scrolling through social media. Get outside and enjoy some fresh air with the time you have for yourself. Not only can a screen break be better for your eye health, but studies have found spending more time outside can help improve your memory, fight illnesses, expand your concentration and de-stress. So, what are you waiting for? Get out in that sunshine and absorb the power of fresh air!

Recreate that holiday

When we’re on holiday, we tend to find time to do things we normally neglect such as going out for meals, enjoying a relaxing swim or even a simple walk. Finding ways to recreate your holiday at home is simpler than you think. Find a bar you’ve never been to or a street you never turn down. Discover the potential for adventure that’s at your own front door.
Start planning the next one!

It’s never too early to start preparing for your next escapade. Give yourself something to work towards and get excited for, as the next adventure is only around the corner.



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