The Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness in the 21st Century

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Life in the 21st Century is all-consuming. It’s stimulating 24/7 and society dictates that we all need things now and can’t demonstrate patience. There’s so much to see and do today that our minds get too easily distracted. We can lose focus on tasks at hand and want to move on to something else all too quickly.

Meditation and mindfulness techniques are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to improve their mental wellbeing, sleep patterns and even fight off sickness. If you’re keen to improve your physical and mental health simultaneously, here are some of the key benefits of regular meditation and mindfulness sessions.

Increased Immune Function

Many medical studies have shown that regular meditation practice can help increase your body’s immune function. In one particular study, those who adopted regular meditation and mindfulness techniques experienced higher antibody production against the traditional influenza vaccine than those who don’t meditate or practice mindfulness. It has also been connected to the rise in the amount of telomerase in our genes, which can often minimise the risk of damage to critical cells within the body.

Avoid Insufferable Sleep Disorders

As we grow older, the number of worries and fears in our mind are multiplied. Whether it’s concerns about our working life, our health or our children, it can be difficult to sleep with so much going on inside your mind. A study which was published in JAMA Internal Medicine saw that middle-aged and older adults that engaged with mindfulness awareness programs - encouraging them to focus on experiences, thoughts and emotions in the moment – experienced less insomnia, fatigue and depression.

Develop Your Sixth Sense

The regular practice of meditation can develop extra sensory perceptions often found in psychic readings. During these readings, psychics and clairvoyants can help individuals to seek clarity regarding all manner of life situations. Meditation can channel our energies and evolve our heightened intuition into a sixth sense, tuning into an individual’s energy and voice vibration to help them understand their destiny with greater certainty.

Strengthen Myelin in the Brain

"Brain Wallpaper" (CC BY 2.0) by Media News

Periodic meditation and mindfulness training has also been demonstrated as a means of increasing neural connections inside the brain. Myelin, which is the protective sheath that covers our neurons, facilitating signals to and from the brain, is strengthened with body-mind training. Researchers at the University of Oregon in the U.S. found that these meditation techniques increase signalling connections inside the brain, known as axonal density, improving your concentration and focus.

Control Bouts of Stress and Anxiety

Meditation and mindfulness techniques have also been shown to reduce our emotional reactivity to stressful life situations. This study, displayed within the U.S. National Library of Medicine, found that stress reduction practices, carried out as part of mindfulness training, minimised the amount of amygdala within the participants’ systems. Amygdala is directly linked to mental health issues. An overactive amygdala is a sure-fire sign of depression.

Meditation and mindfulness can help you to stop dwelling on the negativity in your life and focus on the present moment. By channelling your thoughts and energies into positive thoughts and feelings it’s possible to change your perspective on 21st Century life. Rid your mind and body of feelings of emotional exhaustion and find joy in ways you would not previously have discovered, like a triathlon, you can learn more about it.

 Top Image "meditation" (CC BY 2.0) by Sole Treadmill

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