The Working Man Has Lost His Simple Game

Written by Gabbie Cabbie AR
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Ain't football changed a couple of generations ago it was such a simple game,
For those were the halcyon days when it was a sport then it changed into a business when the money came.
The Working man would take his lads and also take his lasses,
And that wasn't so very long ago when football was affordable to the masses.

Back then fans could relate to the players me dad would say they had the common touch,
Unlike nowadays nip they're like pop stars and they earn to bloody much.
Our terraces had crash barriers and as a nipper I couldn't see buggerall
But that daint matter as I'd hear the roar whenever Birmingham would score

For years I'd dangle off that barrrier with a numb foot and I'd feel to cold to speak,
But I loved it and I'd say to me big blue friend "Tara, I'll be back again next week".
Just where is our game going you take a nipper now and it'll cost a hundred quid at least,
For they created a monster and we were swallowed up by a most unwelcome beast.

So wouldn't it be nice to turn back the clock and afford to watch the game that we all love,
Afterall it was formed for us by our forefathers as they now look and frown upon us from a place above. As gatekeepers we allowed football to sell its soul and in reality it will never be the same
Sadly the working man has lost his simple game.

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Gabbie Cabbie AR

Gabbie Cabbie AR

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