The Poems of Bradford Lad - Luke Petty

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Grew up in Bradford and dat
Grew up with crystal maze and dat
Grew up in pubs and dat
Grew up with msn and dat
Grew up with waiting for a shag and dat
Grew up with Shit dealers and dat
Grew up with waiting more than an hour and dat
Grew up on cineworld and dat
Grew up on not spending and dat

Grew up with a tenner and a shag and dat
Grew up with knowing him and dat
Grew up with I know him I know him good for you and dat
Grew up with footballers and shankers and dat
Grew up with brown, green and white and dat
Grew up with death, life and somewhere in between and dat

I've grown up and dat.


Paris never seemed so unloved at this minute
I've never seen Paris out of touch of love
The most unromantic city in the world
I've never been so unloved

Let's go for a stroll
We'll go for a walk under the arc de triompf
It's ok it's no triumph
Champs eylsees
Champs in our bunk beds

I've never been so unimpressed

Pots & Pans

Clink clank
not one word said
Clink clank
Shhh it's nothing to do with me and you
Clink clank
Cry cry

I love you
I love you too
Do they love us
They love us
Do they
Clink clank
They do

Go to sleep
I can't
Clink clank
Me neither
Clink clank
Click clank

Get out
I love you


The stench of beer
A sweet one but never to be refused
Enfused with perfume
Which can never be diffused

It's itching deep within
Released after time
Will I be yours?
And will you be mine?

Two please that's always the cry
Three mate? No... fuck it. Let's not be shy
I can't stand you
You can't stand me
Speak to me when you're dry.

Beer you're my old pal
You're my old friend
Speak to me tomorrow
But never not again.

Should Never Trust Bloke in a Suit with Trainers 

Should never trust bloke in a suit with trainers.
He's never been much he's never been famous.

Georgé that was his aim
An absolute meth couldn't tell you his name

2 for a tenner kid that's always his plan
Lives at home with his dad and his mam
Cops and robbers 5 pence a throw
Always put a quid in never nowt to show

Greasy centre parting
Always done the same
20p on the meter
You set up the frame

I'll never trust a bloke in a suit and trainers
Dirty old bastard he was fucking shameless.

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