Vivienne Westwood’s Book Launch

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Vivienne Westwood's book launch in St James church in Piccadilly the other night was a strange affair.
Cameras all around the gallery and choir-pews but apparently that's because son Joe is making a documentary about the burning of his mum and dad's clothes collection (why?). Pamela Anderson was there - in a high-necked Westwood bw check dress. Very girly. The acoustics were very difficult for VW so the Q&A with Deborah Orr was very uncomfortable to sit through. It started off by DO asking VW to "Stand up and tell us about your outfit. " Viv stood up and rambled a bit and sat down.

Next question about the title of the book wasn't answered either. (Her outfit was designed by her partner, Andreas, and was a very well cut, flowery sort of Bowie inspired (?) cat suit with ruffly shoulders. She wore huge tan-coloured platform boots which she said she'd changed into after she'd parked her bike.) Vivienne did qualify what was going on early on - she told us she's gone quite deaf and was struggling with the acoustics - she was aware that she wasn't making much sense saying she'd been working quite hard this week.( I related. I don't make much sense either when I am over-tired.) I couldn't sit through the whole thing. I was so hungry I went to get bite to eat and wait for my mates.

Had a look at the book... diary entries, lighter than the other doorstop of a book, lots of pictures... the reviews are asking why there's little great depth or revealing emotion like you might expect from an autobiography. (Maybe being over 70, you have so much more to do is my guess)

A taxi driver told me recently that he lived in Clapham and had seen her riding her bike late at night, after his shift, quite often. He had a few of her shirts, not cheap, but they fit great. And well cut enough that they don't stop you raising your fist on a peace march.

A rather angry lad was interviewed and had a rant on camera" Burning our culture!! Who does Joe Corre think he is! " Good for him.

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