Jason Disley’s Jazz Poetry – Improvisations in Language Reviewed

Written by Matteo Sedazzari
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When ZANI first drew breath, one of our objectives was to meet members or create the new Beat Generation, free spirited authors, poets and artists,

like the creative movement founded in the late forties in the USA with poets and writers such as Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Eric "Big Daddy" Nord and many more, who created an agenda and a lifestyle separate from mainstream society. Some penned poems as if they were in time to jazz music. In hindsight we have always discovered new and wonderful talent, especially via Social Media, in particular FaceBook. As untrendy as it sounds I don’t mind the site, for sure Kerouac and Co would have used this form of media to express themselves and pass on their message. It was on such an occasion by accident, always the best way, that I saw a post by a chap called Jason Disley promoting his collection of poems, Jazz Poetry Improvisations in Language, straight away I was drawn to it, as it seemed so passionate and authentic, seemingly penned by ‘an ordinary Joe”, just like the original Beat Generation.

Disley is a natural beat poet, or he has spent a long time plying his trade. His wording is snappy, full of zest and you can easily hear Tubby Hayes playing in the background. Disley, via words, sets the tone, creates a positive tension and brings the reader into a hedonistic, vibrant and crazy world. The poems move along at a rapid pace, “Quintessential quality in time. Subtlety is gone with the BOOM ! of a bass drum. Then ivories undulate in a manner that is fate. The Alto sax making you forget its late YES ! YES! YES!” from Quintessential Quality in Time, “To create, and create – Infinite collages of imagination, desired, Actions of artists, who stay true to form, and are not seduced” from Space

Disley’s introduction states we must treat his collection the same as a vinyl jazz album, and it does, I don’t think he needs to tell the readers, because those that know will get it, those that don’t, shouldn’t have bought the book in the first place. Yet that is minor point, it’s a proud poet telling the reader of his influences and desires, and not hiding behind a brick wall. At the end are sleeve notes which go further into his agenda, a brief history of the Beat Generation and a track listing to accompany his collection. There is a feel good factor and soul searching ambience to Jazz Poetry Improvisations in Language, along with the inspiration to go and do your own thing, classic creativity and DIY culture, the foundation of any healthy sub-culture.

Jazz Poetry – Improvisations in Language Available  Here

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Matteo Sedazzari

Matteo Sedazzari

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