The Rolling Stones Exhibition

Written by Marco Simoncelli
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The exhibition of the greatest Rock and Roll band ever, ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones, is these days at the Saatchi gallery from 5th April to 4th September 2016.

At the exhibition there is the opportunity to see most aspects of the band’s history complemented by all the memorabilia of their career. In the first rooms of the gallery you can see written on the ceiling and the
walls the quotes of Mick and Keith about their first meeting on a train in Dartford. The shared love for the Blues has been the very first connection that generated the roots of their relationship and for the Stones sound. It is tremendously funny seeing how the first flat that the band shared in London has been replicated.Also present, a few steps away from the rebuilt flat, are the guitars that Brian Jones used.

Keep walking on it is very interesting to pass through all the studio consoles, through the recording technique gears, Ron and Keith’s guitars, Mick Jagger’s acoustic guitar and harmonicas, Bill Wyman’s bass guitars, through their original tapes, Ron Wood’s diaries in Paris and there is also a chance to mix a few tracks of the band by ipad.

Dominique Tarlè was 23 when he shot the pictures for the band in Villa Nellcôte during the recording sessions of Exile on a Main Street. He said that he planned to stay just for one day’s shooting, instead Keith told him that a room had been prepared for him so in the end the French photographer spent six months with the band.

You can also understand Andy Warhol’s love for the band through his drawings and pictures of Mick and Keith and his amazing cover artwork for, in my opinion, the most beautiful Stones album, Sticky Fingers. Unique connection chemistry between rare artists.

All the rooms have details, obviously stories to tell, architect plans for their worldwide tours, and the power of their music. You can see it in every corner of the exhibition even if it is not playing through the speakers.

There’s a little cinema room where the Stones’ fans can see all the live videos shot during their career. It is very fascinating to hear Scorsese’s words about the band, as he tells that the Rolling Stones music always speaks to him in a very deep way and inspired his vision and cinema.

There is a room in the gallery dedicated to all the clothes the band wore during their career and it is curious seeing how Jagger used to dress up differently throughout the years when he was on stage for Sympathy for the Devil.

We can see, almost literally, that at the end of the tour there is a backstage where you see how and where the Stones prepared for their live show. The last room of the gallery shows a video of a recent live version of Satisfaction that the fans can view through 3D glasses and get closer to the sensation rather than being present at the gig.

I loved how all the details of the band came through with this exhibition it has been curated with a total precise and devoted approach, but the only thing that has been overlooked is the contribution of Mick Taylor. MT has been, apart from being a fantastic guitar player, a Stones member for, very probably, the most important part of their career and it would have been nice and respectful for him to be more present in the gallery as he has been part of the history of the band.

So, rather than being a complete and proper career exhibition, it seems like a sort of sanctuary for all the band’s lovers, a tribute to the greatest Rock and Roll band of all time, and in the end creates a mixed feeling of excitement and bitterness for their unique journey and legacy, probably with some parts of missing memories that created the legend together

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Marco Simoncelli

Marco Simoncelli

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