A Little Something -Summer Magic Mushroom Fun !

Written by Luke Petty
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I'd just finished watching Jeff Stelling and his clan mutter over a vidiprinter, it was a decent day. One of them days where you can actually take your jacket off and not feel like you've made a bad decision, which is pretty rare for Bradford.

Nicely inebriated and the day was going well, I still had a few cigs left from last night in my jacket from last night’s endeavours, win win.

Got chatting with my mate we was thinking of a perfect opportunity to take a few mushrooms and actually get out and about as we'd planned the previous time. We decided why not today? We'd done them only once before but it's not the best when you know his mum is upstairs trying to get a decent nights kip and you're in the middle of storm in Yorkshire.

We decided grab a bag, a flask.. Some onion rings? Some Stella? And definitely some cigs. We filled the flask, diluted it with blackcurrant just to take away the taste of 3 week old bed sheets. We had one idea on a route it was basically its nice, just walk and find a pub. First few sips. Walking.. We knew the general direction. We came to a mill and found some grass with a view onto a cow field.

I'm not one for over doing things so I was on a pretty good level, I say a good level I did think two cows were having a chat about stonework. I took the lead and decided to move on, we came past an old Vauxhall Astra covered in ivy, we were both convinced it was some sort of underground passage, turns out it wasn't. A bloke shouts "Oi dickheads!" Out of his bathroom window, we both casually walk off laughing after shutting the doors gracefully. 

I needed a cig, none left. The co-op was open, should I risk it? Yeah fuck it. I've never felt more intimidated by a magazine stand in my life, had to as quickly and normally as I could buy my cigs and leave. It was still nice and bright. We passed a field, it looked too tempting. It was dark. Very dark. No idea what happened for a bit. We found a pub.

It was a game of Rock Paper Scissors outside to see who has to go in and order. I lost. Again. And again. And again. Stepped inside. Everybody looks over. The pub what I could describe was the pub you know about but you've never been in because you just don't feel like it. Ever. Look to my left at the bar, old bloke eating pork scratchings just shaking, violently. Decided it was normal. The landlady is in the back can only see her hair, she turns round. Wicked witch of the North. Green face, hooked nose. The lot. I ordered two carling and a witch just served me. Think I paid a tenner aswell and sort of ran off.

I have to say one of the best sunny days I've ever spent and I didn't even know fully how I'd spent it, I'm looking forward to summer.

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Luke Petty

Luke Petty

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