Meet Monica Velour - A Love Story?

Written by Matteo Sedazzari
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Tobe (Dustin Ingram) is a lonely teenager with a heart.  Due to his build, short-sightedness, anxiety, he falls into what the Americans call a geek and the subject for bullying.  Unable to find affection and love from girls his own age,  he takes to watching porn from the early eighties to find solace and relief for his sexual tension.

Then he develops a schoolboy crush on one porn star, called Monica Velour ( Jamie Tisdale ). And for his birthday, his grandfather gives him a beaten up Hotdog Van, leaving the only option left for Tobe, is to sell it.  He finds a buyer, hundreds of miles away, he decides to drive the van as a break from his grandfather and see a few sights, and much to his amazement he sees his favourite porn star Monica Velour is performing at a nearby strip bar. Tobe believes this to be his awakening and travels to meet the woman he has become besotted with.

At the strip bar, it shows that the years have not been kind to Monica Velour, as she is heckled by the crowd, with only Tobe standing up for her, which results in a beating for Tobe. Consequently, Tobe meets Monica Velour, using her real name Linda Romanoli and now played by Kim Cattrall (Of Sex in The City) fame.

A weird bond develops, as he, an obsessed fan, and she, the fallen porn star, lives in a trailer park with her daughter after surviving an abusive relationship. Yet despite her lifestyle, Tobe has nothing but her best interests at heart. As the viewer, you do develop empathy for both characters, as both leads bring some warmth, humour, and sadness to their character.

It would be wrong to say Cattrall steals the show, as Ingram feeds off her and in turn strong chemistry is brought to the screen, even though there are times when you feel that Ingram is playing homage to Jon Heder as the super geek, Napoleon Dynamite.

Beyond their odd friendship, Meet Monica Velour is a film about the American Dream turned into a nightmare, a one-time feisty curvy woman in demand, now fallen on hard times, yet salvation comes from the most unlikely person and unpredictable circumstances.  Romanoli and Tobe might not end up becoming lovers, but the brief experience they share changes their life forever and for the better- proving no matter what you are up against or how low you feel, life can still be full of pleasant surprises. 

Well worth a view just to keep in check with humanity.

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Matteo Sedazzari

Matteo Sedazzari

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