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When ZANI spoke to Gary Crowley earlier this year, we asked whether he would consider moving further into fashion design , after the success of his Desert boot design for IKON footwear. At the time, he was not sure, but ZANI are pleased to announce that he has  chosen  his favourite logos of iconic 60's places and  magazines for  three cool tee –shirts with Gama Clothing.

In keeping with his keen interest in pop culture, these limited edition tee shirts pay homage to three important parts of counter culture history-The International Times, The Flamingo and The Marquee.  The designs are simple, yet effective, with the logos placed firmly across the chest, without being garish and over branded, (subtlety being the objective.) These three significant names serve as a reminder of their importance in popular culture since the sixties. Furthermore each T shirt design is  one of only 100 being created making them a collectible and highly desirable item of clothing.

The International Times, an underground magazine founded in the mid Sixties was launched at a Pink Floyd Gig on 14th Oct 1966 at the Round House. This served as a voice for the psychedelic movement which was rapidly growing. The Mainstream media deemed the paper as a break down of morality in society, and the police even raided their office, to stop further publication. The publication was relaunched back in 1986 and is still available on the web now having been accessible for over three decades.

The Marquee was THE venue that every band longed to play, brimming with history, with bands like The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, The Jam, Oasis, U2 and many more cutting their teeth there. The now legendary Marquee sadly joins the list of many other now defunct venues. Legendary as it witnessed the changing face of music spanning over a period of four decades. A perfect place to hang out, and experience the passion of live music in dark yet warm atmosphere. The Marquee moved several times through it’s birth in 1958 in Oxford Street, and closed for the last time in August 2007 Covent Garden. Yet it seems the favourite address for this venue was Wardour Street, which played significant homage to the  Punk Movement, and The Mod Revival scene.

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The Flamingo Club, was also situated in Wardour Street. A key venue in the Sixties for the original Mods, West Indians and Blacks of London at this significant time period. Here, the likes of Georgie Fame would play to the hip youngsters of the old smoke in the twilight hours, as  they lost themselves  in the hot and sweaty "all nighters". It certainly was the perfect venue for a rendezvous , this was certainly the case for ‘Lucky Gordon’, Johnny Edgecombe  and Christine Keeler, of the Profumo affair.  Dark, sleazy, highly stylish, but sadly today the venues memory hardly exists within Soho other than in the minds of those that ventured there.

Yet with Mr Crowley’s tee shirts the spirit of the above still lives on, sparking off fond memories and aural delights! Who knows what the future now brings? We might well see a revival of such historic venues and fanzines re emerge. Interestingly enough The Garage at Highbury shortly opens its doors again having been refurbished and already has a line up of new upcoming bands while the Carling Academies have begun to showcase new talent and reinvent itself. We watch and wait in anticipation for a new breed of popular culture to find its way on to future hearts, minds and merchandise.

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© Words – Matteo Sedazzari / ZANI Media

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